Retro Cable Net TV Land Cancels ‘Cosby Show’ Repeats

3:21 PM PST 11/19/2014 by Lesley Goldberg, Michael O’Connell,

Controversy over the star’s current sex abuse scandal prompts an immediate pull-back from the vintage-skewing net

Bill Cosby 2 - H 2014

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 .Decades-old rape allegations against Bill Cosby have not just sidelined his current projects. The controversy is now spilling over into repeats of his iconic NBC comedy. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that TV Land has pulled all planned repeats of The Cosby Show, effective immediately.

Finishing its eight-year run in 1992, it’s been more than two decades since The Cosby Show last aired. But the Emmy darling and longtime ratings champ has enjoyed an exceptionally healthy life in syndication. TV rights are currently owned by TV Land parent Viacom — and though the nostalgic network’s airings have been infrequent, several marathons were planned between Thanksgiving and Christmas. A TV Land rep declined to comment.

TV Land isn’t the only home for Cosby. Fellow Viacom property (and BET sibling) Centric also airs repeats of The Cosby Show. It’s not immediately clear if they’re follow suit.

On the streaming side, both Amazon and Hulu have rights to The Cosby Show. As of Wednesday afternoon, it’s still available on both. Representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and neither did Centric.

Weeks of bubbling criticism over sex abuse claims against Cosby seemed to come to a head on Tuesday night when Netflix postponed plans to air a comedy special about the 77-year-old. Then, on Wednesday morning, NBC followed suit by expectedly scrapping a comedy it was developing with the actor and comedian.


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