Many Happy Returns to Retired CKNW Hotshot Newsman, GEORGE GARRETT!


Facebook has informed us that today, Nov. 16th, is GEORGE GARRETT’s birthday.   For almost three decades (until his retirement in 1999) he was the newsman who set the pace for breaking stories in Vancouver radio.

And to this day, he has the utmost respect from all his former competitors and coworkers.  Congratulations George, although we don’t know how many candles should go on the cake today, we know you’re well into your 8th decade.  (That’s 70-something.)

Happy Birthday, George!  And may there be many more.


  1. Still using the lessons you taught me on the desk and on the beat at NW . . .
    Super example of grace combined with grit, intelligence and empathy.
    When I hit a dead end, I ask myself, “what would GG do?”
    That usually does it.
    Miss your dulcet tones and infectious smile.
    Great seeing you at the Webster’s.
    Have a wonderful birthday George!


  2. Always a class act. If I ever showed up late at a press conference (it happened…) George would always share his notes, filling me in on whatever had happened. It was his view as I recall it that information at a press conference was essentially public. I remember he told me it gave him no pleasure to beat someone on a story for missing the first five minutes of a presser. What a classy guy. Many happy returns George!

  3. George Garrett’s interview with me in 1989 changed my life and ignited my career in the Media. He was respectful, caring and direct and I will always be grateful. I sincerely thank you George and wish you all the best and the happiest of birthdays… ~Dayna (used to be Willard when I knew you). xo


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