Becoming a Radio Star… easing the financial pain


$50.oo Now,

… $47.00 Later…

Steve Kowch

Steve Kowch of Kowch Media is not only making this terrific offer of critiquing TWO airchecks for the price of One

He’s also aware of those KD (Kraft Dinner) days. So with that in mind,  you can either pay the $97.00 in one shot, or put down $50 bucks now, and Steve will bill you $47.00 later

Come Visit Steve’s Landing page HERE for more details.

For only $97.00 (tax included) you can have not one, but two airchecks critiqued by the man himself. Talk about Investing in ones future, all for under 100 dollars. Steve’s a straight up nice guy who cares about you and your future in the broadcast industry.

PSR highly recommends Steve Kowch

The link to your road to success is HERE

Kowch is a great guy, brilliant advice & knows his stuff. I can speak to that personally.  Drex

(Host of Drex Live CKNW 980 Vancouver)


“Steve Kowch has a special skill for spotting raw talent. Kowch hired me as an unpolished kid and coached me to one of the top radio jobs in Canada … hosting the morning show on Canada’s most listened to talk station, Newstalk 1010 in Toronto.” – John Moore, host of Moore in the Morning on Newstalk 1010

Puget Sound Radio Endorses Steve Kowch and KowchMedia


  1. As that young budding dj you’re talking about. The one holding wallet close to his chest. Coming up with various ideas how to freshen up and enhance my kd. I relate to the money thing so well. Steve, when the change loosens up later this month, I will come calling on your door.
    Kudos to psr for providing this type of information and service

  2. There was a legendary cheapskate who was manager of a small town station in the east. He used to give tips to his impoverished employees on how to save money. For example, “Save the soap remnants from your shower, then cut them up in your sink to do your laundry.” If you asked for a pen to complete the log he would say, “A good craftsman brings his own tools!” Someone told me that quite often there wasn’t enough money to buy food. One night, a couple days before payday, with no food and no money, they raided the prize drawer and “stole” a pizza coupon. They disguised themselves and went to redeem the coupon. As if that weren’t demeaning enough, they were found out, and had to aplogise to the pizza store owner and to re-imburse the station for something they got for free anyway!


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