Rush Limbaugh Threatens DCCC With Lawsuit


November the 10th, 2014

The Washington Post and other published sources are reporting that talk host Rush Limbaugh has threatened to sue theDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee for sending out a series of fundraising emails that used out of context comments from the Premiere Networks syndicated personality to suggest that he advocated tolerance for sexual assault. While no suit has yet been filed, Limbaugh’s attorney has reportedly sent a letter to the DCCC demanding a retraction and a public apology. The Post’s Paul Farhi reports that if that apology is not forthcoming, Limbaugh is ready to file suit for defamation and interference with his business. “We love opinions, but this crossed a very bright line,” Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich told Farhi. “They lied about his words. They quoted something specific and out of context, and it is a lie.” Read the full story HERE.

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  1. Y’know… it occurs to me that a political pundit/commentator/s**t disturber like Mr. Limbaugh ought to be very careful about the stones he causes to be overturned, especially when he is challenging organizations with not only vital political interests, but very deep pockets.

  2. Then again, having very deep pockets does not make the Democrats right about their ideology (particularly since coming under Obama).

  3. People are tired of radio talk show hosts who bang the same political drum, over and over, especially in two party political countries. I don’t even vote anymore, as no one is worth voting for.


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