Glenn Beck Reveals Serious Health Problems


By Chris AriensTV******@Me*********.com    November 10, 2014 5:52 PM


On TheBlaze this evening, Glenn Beck revealed he has been battling a serious neurological illness that even the best medical professionals couldn’t quite diagnose. Beck says doctors told him he had 5-10 years, after which he would not be able to function. He started having seizures.

“My hands, feet, arms and legs feel like someone had just crushed them, or pushed broken glass into my feet,” Beck says about the intense bouts of pain. “The doctors tell me I haven’t had REM sleep in as much as a decade.”

Beck says he has dealt with the pain for years. “While I was at Fox the pain would get so bad that the crew worked out hand signals so they would know when to take the camera off of me.” Beck says doctors looked for adrenal fatigue and macular dystrophy. He also had vocal chord issues. “We even looked into whether someone was poisoning me,” he says.  “We moved to a warmer climate. Yes, this is one of the reasons we moved to Dallas.”


“My doctors thought if I stayed in New York City, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Still, the symptoms persisted. “Most afternoons my hands will start to shake, or my hands and feet will curl up. When it gets real bad, my friends try to uncurl me.”

“I was told by doctors to take a year off. This is the network you built,” he told his audience in the often tearful 40-minute revelation. “That would not happen.”

Beck turned a corner this summer. He says with hormone therapy, a brain research center which happens to be 3 minutes away from his Dallas studio, and, most importantly, his faith in God, he has “a clean bill of health.”

“My brain is back on line in a big way,” he says. Beck took a TBI (traumatic brain injury) test at the end of the summer and scored 90% capacity. When he’d taken the test last year, he was in the bottom 10%.




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