Ghomeshi scandal reveals CBC hypocrisy



November 5, 2014

I don’t want to hear another word – not one more! – out of the CBC about the war on women.They should keep their sanctimonious traps shut, too, on how the federal Tory government doesn’t do enough to help the female victims of sexual assault or how judges blame the victim or how Roger Goodell and the NFL cover-up of domestic violence by their players or how society in general doesn’t take violence against women seriously enough.And no more laments from Mother Corp. about the national insensitivity that dismisses the problem of dead and disappeared First Nations women.Their statements are the worst kind of hypocrisy.

One of the overarching themes of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal is that “everyone” at the CBC and in arts circles knew about his sexual proclivities and yet did nothing to protect his alleged victims from his alleged tastes for choking and hitting women during intercourse and his alleged interest in rough sex (or as he allegedly called it “hate f-ing” and “grudge f-ing”).

In the week-and-a-half since the allegations against the 47-year-old, teddy bear-toting former host of CBC Radio’s Q cultural program have become public, at least nine women have come out – some by name, several anonymously – to claim they were victims of Ghomeshi’s forceful “play.”

Ghomeshi insists all his partners consented to his treatment. Bizarrely, he even reportedly showed CBC execs a video of one of his BDSM sessions to demonstrate how women wanted him to slap them, belt them and forcefully take them.

And if his partners consented, then his sexual tastes are his own business.

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  1. Lorne Gunter:

    Jian Ghomeshi is the younger Canadian version of Rolf Harris, is he not ?

    LIke Harris, you people in the broadcasting biz knew for years and years of Ghomeshi’s monkey business. But because he made you guys rich with millions of dollars, everyone looked the other way ?

    Well, now the cat is out of the bag and everyone will suffer the consequences.

    Mostly, the victims, of course, but CBC lesbian management will suffer too, because they knew of the horrible abuse and did absolutely nothing !

    Meanwhile, Micheal Enright’s recent column on the matter is pure nonsense ! He’s part of the gang that knew what was going on, but refused to say anything ?

    All of you at CBC knew what was going on, isn’t it true, so f*ck off with your abuse of women accounts. If you knew of these accounts, 10 or more years ago, you should have gone to the cops then !

    Why didn’t you ?
    Hypocrites !

  2. “The publisher of the Toronto Star says he chose not to leave his role as a regular media panellist on Jian Ghomeshi’s CBC Radio program Q, even while his own paper investigated allegations of sexual harassment and physical abuse against the former CBC radio host, and says he even discussed the investigation with Ghomeshi.”

    I suggest that, since Jian Ghomeshi had an “in” with most powerful of media moguls, including the publisher of the Toronto Star, whatever “investigative journalism” done by the Toronto Star is meaningless, since he was essentially protected from harm by the head of the Toronto Star.

    Bottom line? The Toronto media had vested business interest in keeping Jian Ghomeshi on the air and milking as much money from the situation as possible,


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