Hal Yerxa’s CFCW was founded 60 years ago


Congratulation CFCW for 60 years Broadcasting! Take a trip down memory lane with Alberta’s Country Legend, 790 CFCW!


  1. Congratulations CFCW! Well done!
    Question……. Why does this station continue to prosper on the am band, while other powerhouse am stations have disappeared?

  2. CFCW continues to excel because it knows what it audience wants…. real DJs with personality. News and weather that is relevant to it’s audience. Music that appeals to all audiences…. not a lot of “Bro Country” compared to other stations. Another factor is their radio signal. I have listened to CFCW as far south as Havre, Montana, and as far North as Fort McMurray during the daytime. When they say they are a heritage station, they mean it. Kudos to Jackie Rae and to Newcap.

    PS …..Watch Jackie Rae meeting the audience at the Canadian Finals Rodeo and Farmfair. The suits in the East should take notice.

  3. in my opinion, CFCW continues to prosper because of several reasons:

    1. Real DJs, with real personalities
    2. CFCW knows its audience. For instance: you will find Jackie Rae Greening shaking hands and meeting listeners at the Canadian Finals Rodeo this week. A great tool to learn about your audience.
    3. A powerful station signal. You can listen to it from Montana to Grande Prairie during the daytime.
    4. I believe that CFCW / DJs still determine the music they want played on their show. (Not someone from Toronto) Don’t forget the famous “Request Line with Pete Hicks”
    5. Real news and weather.

    Good work CFCW.


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