Now the Kasem Kids and Jean Fight Over Casey’s Insurance Money

  • courtesy November 3, 2014  

  • The latest in the sad saga that followed the death of radio icon CASEY KASEM involves more lawyers.Last week (NET NEWS 10/30), ALL ACCESS reported the daughter of the late CASEY KASEM, KERRI, was using the four-month anniversary of her father’s passing to remind her followers that the radio icon has yet to be buried.
  • Now, TMZ reports, “the dogfight over CASEY KASEM’s estate is now going to court — his kids are waging war with his widow over a $2 million life insurance policy. METLIFE actually filed the lawsuit… telling the judge it’s stumped. Both JEAN KASEM and CASEY’s 3 kids have laid claim to the loot and the insurance company doesn’t want to make the wrong decision and then have to pay out twice. So METLIFE wants a judge to decide who gets the money.”
  • KERRI hinted at the insurance issue last week when she posted to both FACEBOOK and TWITTER, “people who criticize and blame others are usually the ones who are committing the crimes themselves. When we were fighting to see our Dad, JEAN KASEM accused us kids of going after the money, which we NEVER did. JEAN KASEM is NOW going after our family trust. If you think your irrevocable trusts you set up for your loved ones are safe with @MetLife … think again!” 
  • TMZ adds, “CASEY’s kids hired a lawyer who fired off a letter to METLIFE saying Jean essentially killed CASEY by neglecting his care, which resulted in fatal bedsores and dehydration. The kids say someone who causes someone else’s death can’t inherit their money.”

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