Do The Politics Of News Listeners Matter?


October 21, 2014


A feature in today’s Washington Post — which prominently features a long outdated photo of Rush Limbaugh alongside the provocative headline, ‘The GOP Hates The Lamestream Media’— details a recent Pew Research study focused on where people got their news in the past week. Not surprisingly, those respondents who identified as “mostly” or “consistently” conservative preferred FOX News by a wide margin, while those who call themselves “consistently” or “mostly” liberal prefer CNNover all other cable and broadcast network news rivals.

One item that stands out from the study is that those who consider themselves to be conservatives also cite Talk radio personalities, including Premiere Networks syndicated hosts Rush Limbaugh (pictured above in a far more recent photo), Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck – as well as Beck’s digital venture The Blaze – as favorite and most-used sources for news. Meanwhile, left leaning news consumers don’t name any particular radio personalities as a source for news, but they do cite public radio NPR as a favorite source.

Read the Times’analysis and opinion on the Pew study HERE.


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