CTV’s Craig Oliver Inducted into Canadian News Hall of Fame


(as reported in ‘Broadcast Dialogue’s Essential Reading Oct. 16th:)

Craig Oliver, the CTV News chief political correspondent, was honoured last night (Wednesday) at a Toronto banquet upon his induction into the Canadian News Hall of Fame.

The Vancouver native has been with CTV since 1972, covering news overseas and at home, particularly Ottawa.

During his nearly 60-year career, Oliver has reported on 10 different Canadian prime ministers. He has been director of news and current affairs, a Washington correspondent and the Ottawa bureau chief…



  1. Congratulations Craig on being inducted into the Canadian News Hall of Fame.
    I remember the camera pointed on him and a short interview of his career experiences. He deserves one hour in my opinion.
    He was asked of the most significant events in his career and he mentioned the end of the cold war. (50 years). He also stated the biggest threat will be global terrorism and he mentioned that it will be a matter of time that they will have nuclear arms. I believe him. My question to Craig is with his worldly experience, what countries will be the safest?Where does Canada and US rank? Thanks Craig. Regards, Claudio Gorizzan. Cell. 416.888.2485.


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