Who Are Those Mythical Millennials in Talk Radio?


October 14, 2014

Go to any gathering of radio people these days and you are likely to hear a lot of them — especially those in Talk radio — saying how the industry needs to do a better job at courting and serving Millennials if radio wants to remain part of the generation’s audio future.

As part of its New Boom series, NPR (which in case you haven’t been paying attention gets some pretty darn good News and Talk shares and demos in markets around the country) asked millennials (18-34) to take a “selfie” that includes the actual U.S. Census categories for identity (race, ethnicity, sex, etc.), as well as the categories that they wish they could choose to describe themselves.

If you think you know how Millennials think and view the world around them, some of the results from NPR’s social media outreach promotion just might surprise you.

Learn more HERE.



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