Paul Harvey: Grandfather Of Conservative Talk?


October 10, 2014

We point your attention to a ‘flashback feature’ about legendary radio personality Paul Harvey that’s been making the rounds on Facebook today. Penned by Carlos Watson at —a website with a stated mission of “bringing you news and information in a completely different way” — the feature was originally published back in February and suggests that the late ABC News Radio commentator influenced many of today’s most popular conservative Talk radio hosts.

“Say the words ‘conservative radio’ to most young people today and they’ll likely come up with a name like Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck,” writes Watson.

“But those guys are the offspring of the industry’s grandfather — one who told stories more often than he raised his voice, and who narrated history and the present to a generation of young listeners.

His name was Paul Harvey.” Read the full feature — which also includes a number of classic black & white photos showing Harvey at work – HERE.



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