A mini CKWX reunion showed up at this week’s RPM Luncheon

Back row: Red Robinson, Andy Walsh, Greg Douglas, Jim McDonald, Darren Parkman, Jim Fraser. Next row: Randy Taylor, John Oliver, Cameron Bell, Ron Robinson, Jim Morrison. Front row: Harold Kendall, John M.L. Kendrick, Ken Boyd, Campbell McCubbin, Glen Johnson, Dave Roughan, Elmer Tippe, Don Kennedy.

This past Tuesday October 7th at 11am, location The White Spot on West Georgia, the infamous Red Robinson’s RPM Luncheon took place.
In the above photo, a mini CKWX reunion also took place with a table dedicated to those who have and in few cases are still working at CKWX AM1130.

Puget Sound Radio thanks  Dee Lippingwell for providing the pics,

Bill Nelson, George Garrett, John McKitrick and Andy Walsh


Ken Boyd, Harold Kendall and Elmer Tippe

Tom Jeffries and Scott Barratt


Arran Henn and Gord Lansdell
Red Robinson, Justin ‘Drex’ Wilcomes and Ted Wendland of Radio West

more familiar faces…

Ted Smith, Bill Nelson, George Orr & Shell Busey
John Kendrick, Don Shafer and Terry David Mulligan


James Anstey, Ted Wendland, Doc Harris & Sterling Faux
Marcia and Bruno Cimali with Clark Grey
Brian Walks, Michael Easton and Justin ‘Drex’ Wilcomes (Photo: Ted Wendland)


Red and his lovely wife Carole Robinson







  1. Supercountry!!?? What about “Shortwave CKFX”? And people like Gene Kern, Barry Clark, Buddy Clyde and Nick Frost? There were many others, of course. All missed.

  2. Nick Frost? Terry, I’m sure you mean Nick Sands. Barry Clark and Buddy Clyde are still around. Sadly Nick and Gene have passed, although Gene was a regular participant in the RPM affairs while he was here.

    BTW, Red explains the RPM as ‘Radio Performers Membership.’ Although I’m sure he means it as a semi-salute to Canada’s original music publication RPM, Walt Grealis’ publication that was filled with news of and for the radio industry.


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