KJR Super Jock Kevin (Metheny) O’Brien Dies Suddenly



Friday October the 3rd, 2014

Kevin ‘O’Brien’ Metheny

NTS MediaOnline Today is sad to report that longtime broadcast programming veteran and current KGO-KSFO/San Francisco PDKevin Metheny died suddenly today (10/3). A post at Kevin’s Facebook page from his sister states:

“I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but my brilliant big brother, Kevin Metheny passed away today. I have no words. Just deep, deep sorrow.

He was a good brother and friend. He had a wonderfully crazy, bigger-than-life LIFE. I’ve always admired him and his accomplishments. It still doesn’t even feel real. I guess I’ll probably say more once I’m able to grasp what has happened.” Friends and colleagues are paying tribute to Metheny on his Facebook page HERE.

John Dickey, Executive Vice President, Programming and Content forCumulus Media released this statement late Friday night: “Kevin Metheny’s sudden passing this afternoon is a devastating personal and professional loss for his broadcasting family at Cumulus, and for the entire radio industry. Kevin was a legendary broadcasting talent who touched many lives in his remarkable 44-year career, and whose successes made an indelible mark on radio. His reputation and accomplishments are simply unparalleled and we are grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him as PD of WJR in Detroit and most recently, as Operations Manager of KGO and KSFO in San Francisco. His Cumulus family extends our deepest sympathies to Kevin’s loved ones. We will miss him profoundly.”



  1. Kevin’s death is shocking! I remember when Pat O’Day hired Kevin. He actually came across as a bit of a ‘spoiled’ brat, Not sure if that was the image he and the station were trying to portray, either way, Kevin had it. He had the talent and was destined for big things and accomplished many of them. I’m sure Kevin had many an opportunity of tuning into KGO’s clear channel signal, and now that he was in the drivers seat in the San Francisco radio station, just what plans he had for the once super giant on 810 am. He left us far too soon.

  2. I met Kevin at the old KJR studios one night when he got off work from his deejay shift. He was a fun guy to listen to in those days. When I met him, he was joking about how short he was (we called him “Shortie The K”) and how he had to sit on several phonebooks just to reach the mic. I always wondered what happened to him, and now I know. I’ll always remember him as that bouncy kid who was so much fun to listen to. RIP, Kev.


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