‘Back To The Future’ For Radio Ratings?


September 23rd, 2014

Paragon Senior Research Consultant Larry Johnson takes a look at a recent report saying Nielsen is planning a change in the way the company conducts TV ratings — a move that Johnson (pictured) says also has ramifications for radio.

“There was quite a buzz this month when Nielsen announced that they’re combining their fixed TV set measurement device with the TV version of the People Meter in order to double their TV sample,” writes Johnson.

Noting that Nielsen, which currently separates their radio and TV ratings operations, was considering a similar joint radio/TV ratings venture with Arbitron back in the 1990′s, Johnson believes this latest move could signal that drawing a sample for both radio and TV by Nielsen can’t be too far off.

“Any significant increase in the radio PPM sample is welcomed and necessary,” he said. “If Nielsen at least tripled the current radio sample by having meters that measure both TV and radio, that should go a long way in making radio ratings more reliable.”

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