Justin Trudeau Snubs Sun News – Did he not understand the question?


This wasn’t the first time this question was asked of Justin Trudeau, who arrogantly refused to answer the question about National Security and Terrorism, and this man wants to be Prime Minister!?

The guy can’t handle the heat,  so he runs away.

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  1. What’s really been troubling me about Justin Trudeau is his numerous visits to certain mosques across the country, one of which our own CSIS has declared has ‘ties to terrorists’ organizations, such as one in Toronto which by the way, Sun News did an excellent job of coverage. The other mosque is in Calgary, which Justin has visited on at least two occasions. Justin’s response is he believes we as Canadians should ‘engage’ with the terrorists. Yea, right, as they’re trying to hack my head off !
    And this is the man who could actually become PM, now that scares the crap out of me.

  2. Rasterman,
    There is no doubt in my mind you never even watched the video clip. Had you, you wouldn’t have made such an idiotic comment. Propaganda. What the hell are you talking about?
    As calling me and many others right wingnuts, do you call yourself a left wingnut?

  3. I can’t believe this mentality towards Sun News. The way this network has been portrayed since the get go reminds me of the negative comments about Stephen Harper having a ‘secret agenda’ as the nation at that time was about to elect the man our Prime Minister.
    I think its about time more people should stop being so judgmental and started to check things out on the Sun News Network. Anyone, Everyone should get a well balanced point of view from watching other stations. It’s unbelievable just how the way a story can be presented, can be very persuasive. We all have opinions, and we should all be aloud to voice those opinions. Personally I believe since having Sunnews network the last 30 days, my eyes and ears have been opened widely, to the point I question why some of these stories never see the light of day in the other networks. I seek a clearer picture of what doesn’t seem to be presented on the ‘other’ networks, such as Global, CTV, and heaven forbid, the CBC.
    As for the ‘chase scene’ of Justin. I loved the part when the sun reporter chased Justin into the closet, then directed JT to the right door for immediate escape. Not even a thanks 🙂

  4. If you watch Sun News for ‘news’ you’re likely an idiot.

    It’s an editorial spin machine that deals in sensationalism, mountaineering out of mole hills, and just scrambling to get noticed. There is no news here, it’s an ideological outlet hell bent on preaching to the choir. Which, by last count, had about 1000 people across the country watching it.

    JT not answering plays right into their hymnal, unfortunately. A curt, reasonable answer would have been better than feeding the troll. Because that’s what he did here.

    Again, if you think Sun News delivers news, you’re an idiot, a rabid conservative, old, ignorant, and really like hearing your obtuse opinions confirmed instead of being enlightened to the other side of the coin.

  5. You know, I really hate to see the name calling, idiot, a rabid conservative, old, ignorant, or whatever. This is how pissing contests start. The fact is we’re in the process of gearing up for another federal election, and it’s time all the facts got out. I often do a comparison of the Canadian networks, be it Global, CTV or the CBC and Sun News. There are things I have learnt on Sun News which never sees the light of day on the other Canadian networks. That is a fact. I find a lot of ass-kissing among the mainstream networks when it come to Justin Trudeau. Perhaps more people should take the time to check out this network, then decide for themselves.

    As far as Justin Trudeau is concened, he may not have his fathers brains, but he assumes the mantle of his arrogance to a tee!

    Have we in the west forgotten what papa did to Alberta in the early 80’s? If this man is elected, I for one see the rising up of the western separatist movement

    In closing Anon452. I’m a newshound. I’ve Never thrived on one news source in my life. I want to hear all sides, then I will weigh the evidence. You as a liberal somehow see that differently, perhaps you can explain.

  6. He’s making great ad material for the Conservatives and the NDP. This shows he is easily stymied and handles it worse than a dog catcher would.

  7. Justin Trudeau is a small-l liberal as well as the Liberal Party leader. Sun News is a conservative news outlet, so it’s no surprise Junior decided to snub them. Rasterman and Anonymous 4:52’s comments toward Sun News and those who watch it simply fall right in line with the liberal hive mind.

  8. As I progress along in Life, I have come to the conclusion that no one is more intolerant than those that preach tolerance……………….

  9. About the whole tolerance thing, I’ve found in my online forum travels that it’s very true of the various subsets of the Left. They hypocritically preach “tolerance”, but they don’t practice it.

  10. Firstly, I’m not a conservative. I’m a libertarian, meaning the best government is the least government. I think it’s great Canada has a network outlet such as the Sun News Network. I also thank Puget Sound Radio for supporting alternative news services here in Canada.

  11. I’ve just seen so much garbage from Sun I can’t take themn\ seriously. sorry. I’d probably ignore them as well. they make FOX look moderate. and no I’m not really all that liberal.


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