Vancouver PPM Ratings: the Demo Leaders


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Vancouver: QMFM grabs the #1 spot for A12+ with a 10.7% share of hours tuned (up from 9.5% last time out). Taking the top spot for F25-54 was QMFM, posting a 12.9% share (up from 10.7% last time out). Rock 101 showed some nice gains and now holds the lead for M25-54 listeners, delivering an 11.7% share (up from 7.8%).  Rock 101 is out in front for M18-34 with a 13.0% share of hrs. tuned followed closely by the FOX at 12.0%. When it comes to Females 18-34, The Beat takes top spot with an 18.9% (down from 23.2%).


  1. Can someone please explain how PPMs work in a retail setting.
    If I walk into a store with my PPM (by the way, who gets these things?) and the store has QMFM on their PA system, and I walk out 2 min. later, do I rate as a QMFM listener?
    – I was totally “passive” .
    – I did not “choose” the station.
    – I may not have paid ANY attention to it during my brief time in the store.
    And how does that “measure” against CBC , NW etc, which are never played in a retail setting, yet listeners actively choose them and actively listen to them.

    Sorry, BBM “books” or PP”Meters” …there’s (still) a lot of “voodoo” going on there.
    Which is why advertisers love the internet.
    A page hit is a page hit. It’s recorded & measured. Clean data.

    I mean seriously; people nobody knows walking around Walmart or at the chiropractor with secret boxes in their pockets recording “radio waves”? (sometimes, maybe, occasionally).
    Who comes up with this stuff, Fred Flintstone?

  2. It’s all about TSL. Time spent listening vs the cume. NW and CBC are not dong that poorly in the market at all. They don’t cume the highest, however people listen to those stations longer which boosts their ratings. QMFM’s cume has been a disadvantage at times because though they reach the highest amount of listeners through the dentists and grocery stores their TSL was much lower. QM has become in recent books though, and with the help of a new morning show too, a destination staton for a lot of people and it’s proving in the ratings. Reach plus TSL is the recipe to success.

  3. “Anonymous Sept 13” Who’s to say anyone paid attention to said web ad (why most web ad success is based on click-throughs, not web hits). A hit on that page could’ve been just as passive as you “listening” to QM in a store for 2 minutes. Meters don’t tell you whether the listener was passive or attentive, nor can it tell you if your exposure to said frequency was on purpose or accidental (i.e. In a cab). This is why PPMs are a stronger representation of listening because you can’t forget or choose to omit what you were exposed to. Now if the volume is low background music in a store there’s a good chance it won’t pick it up anyway. The only “voodoo” here is a question of adequate sample-size in PPM markets.
    “Anonymous 2” It’s mostly about TSL but cume matters too. Looking at the data would show you QM has fairly high TSL for at work tuning. Not sure where you got that from.

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