Christian Hall announces new line-up at X92.9 Calgary



Hi X-Friends,

I’m pretty stoked to announce a revamped weekday lineup set to continue entertaining your pants off along side the best alternative going in Calgary. With X-Fest now in the books, we’re pleased to follow up another successful weekend at Fort Calgary with this new lineup debuting today.

Tyler and Lynch

X Mornings with Tyler and Lynch – 5:30am-9:00am

A year ago Tyler Middleton took over the afternoon show from Lynch, except Lynch just wouldn’t leave. (The truth was Tyler needed his hand held and he wouldn’t let go) Over the past year their love/hate for each other (mostly love) grew into a great pairing, just like almonds and carrots…(go with me on this one) So much so, that I’m happy to announce the on-air return of Mr. Lynch and birth of the new morning show on X929.

X Afternoons with Fraser Tuff – 2pm-7pm
After 7+ years Fraser Tuff gets to sleep in while he takes over the afternoon show on X929. As employee #3 at X929, Fraser has been a pillar that’s kept this joint together on air since the days of F-Bomb. (anyone remember those days?)

X Afternoons with Fraser Tuff is set to be X’s biggest afternoon program yet, and for all his fans who’ve missed hours of Mr. Tuff because getting up before 7am is just too damn hard, please join me in rejoicing having him on air every day from 2pm-7pm.

Middays with Seanna Jefferson 9am-2pm
Seanna continues to hold down the daytime program she took over less than a year ago. (yes, she’s only been here 9 months…but for Seanna, that’s some kind of record…it’s a long story) It’s been an awesome 9 months so far, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store from Miss Jefferson.

Seanna’s program shifts from a 10am start to a new start time of 9am.

Evenings with Matt Berry 7pm-mid
Dear Calgary,

Matt Berry loves you. And his program remains as you know it; silly, awesome, and completely lacking in any sports knowledge.


Overnights with Marcello Mid-5am / Weekends 11am-5pm
A small change to Marcello’s world…he gets to go to bed an hour earlier! Things are coming up Marcello! If I could write a Craigslist Confidential about my fandom for Mr. Palombi, I would.

But I’m not creepy…

Thanks for being a part of the Alternative,
Christian Hall
Program Director – X929


  1. The Calgary battle of 4 share continues between X & The Peak. I’ll give the upper hand to X. The Peak ranks up as one of the worst sounding major market radio stations in Canada. Poor General Manager, Eric Stafford. The guy can’t catch a break in Calgary.

  2. I agree, Terry. Also, Danny Kid sounds like a lost soul on that afternoon drive shift compared to what he sounded like at 98.5. It’s night and day, actually. What are they, a 1.5 share? The station actually dropped from their first PPM book. They need a stronger brand manager as well, with new ideas. Kath Thompson was just not the right choice for such a format.

  3. When your morning show host lists The Trews as his favourite band, you know you’re in trouble. And yes, It was a blunder from the get-go with the wrong person in charge for this format.

  4. Small market talent in a large market. They have all been placed into a position to fail. Plain, and simple. Poor program direction, poor marketing, poor promotions, and poor talent development. That ideally sums up 95.3. Jimmy Pattison will finally take Calgary seriously one day, and you’ll see many changes. Until that time, it’s a 1.9 share tops, and little revenue.

  5. Weird that Fraser is on afternoons…a demotion? Fraser is a terrific jock – finding it hard to care now that his former co-host has taken a year long break to travel the world?

    Additionally – agreed that the Peak needs stronger air talent. Only problem with that is that talent costs money. Maybe someone with 10+ years experience cracking a mic is out of their budget.


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