Andrew Chang on Changes He’s Bringing to CBC TV Vancouver News Sept. 1

by Craig Takeuchi , The Georgia Straight, Aug 26, 2014 at 4:46 pm
Andrew Chang, the former host of CBC News Montreal will start heading up CBC News Vancouver at 5 and 6 broadcasts on September 1.


Andrew Chang, who has worked at CBC for a decade as a reporter and video journalist, left CBC News Montreal on May 30 for a paternity leave. (His daughter, Arianna, was born on June 6.)

He was part of the CBC’s broadcast team for Sochi 2014 and hosted CBC Radio One’s The Current when Anna Maria Tremonti was on leave.

Chang will also provide analysis and commentary of news stories on radio and online to contribute to the CBC’s adaptation to a multiplatform environment.

“We’re approaching the news in a different way,” Chang stated in a news release. “We know the audience is able to get the news throughout the day online and on their mobile devices. When the viewer comes to television, we want to give them more depth and context to the top stories of the day and more live interviews in studio with the main players in the story. People are looking for more than just the headlines. They want the context around why things happened and most importantly what it means for them.”

Johnny Michel, senior managing director for CBC British Columbia and Alberta, praised Chang’s skill for interviewing and analysis. “His passion for news coupled with a strong technical background in editing, shooting and programming positions him perfectly for where the future of broadcasting is going—multiple skills in a multiplatform environment.”

Meanwhile, the current CBC News Vancouver host, Gloria Macarenko, will become the new host of CBC Radio One’s The Story From Here. Macarenko, who has been with the CBC for 25 years, will also continue to host the TV current affairs show Our Vancouver.


  1. This appears to be another case of youth over experience. The corporate desire for a more youthful audience in an attempt to garner more dollars from businesses after what they think will be a more youthful, affluent audience. Good luck with that.

  2. Yes, Terry Bell (and others who are thinking it)… always about age isn’t it?? I am so sick of the old farts who are still in this business complaining about “youth”….. FYI Youth is technically under the age of what 20? 21???
    Business (no matter what kind of business) needs a mix of new blood and experience… that means if a company wants to stay viable, they need to take some new directions…. In media, I am not saying hire someone straight out of broadcast/journalism school… but for someone like Cheng, who has had some (did the article not say 10years) experience, why not???? Varied experience from across the country — you know, so it’s not the same people recycling from one station to another (like most of the anchors/reporters seem to do) in the same city…
    Not saying that veterans should all get the boot, but there are some that are well passed (sic) the expiry date…


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