Kerri Kasem: “Jean Wants to Move Dad’s Remains to Europe”

  • Casey Kasem Yet To Be Buried

    courtesy August 13, 2014
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  • Family Feud Continues

In an ongoing sad story, CASEY KASEM — who passed away on JUNE 15th — has yet to be buried. Now a publicist for daughter KERRI KASEM says the family doesn’t know where his body is.

CNN reports CASEY KASEM’s body was flown to CANADA a month after he died. A funeral home director told CNN, “KASEM’s corpse was taken from a WASHINGTON state funeral home last week before the radio icon’s daughter could enforce a court order against it being removed.”

Now, “a publicist for CASEY KASEM’s daughter says the late radio personality’s children are working with law enforcement following a report that KASEM’s wife is making arrangements to have his body flown to EUROPE,” reports CBS NEWS.

DANNY DERANEY, the publicist for KERRI KASEM told THE ASSOCIATED PRESS that KASEM’s children are working with authorities on their next steps.TMZ reports that JEAN KASEM is trying to have KASEM’s body flown to EUROPE, perhaps OSLO, NORWAY, from CANADA. TERUYUKI OLSEN, a lawyer for JEAN KASEM had no comment to TMZ.

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