Pacific Northwest Radio Gentlemen gathering of the OFC


From Northwest Hall of Radio History facebook page:
It was recently retired Seattle disc jockey John Maynard who put this gathering together one place.

These Pacific Northwest radio gentlemen–also known as the “OFC” which was founded by the late and great Lan Roberts.  OFC means ‘Old Farts Club

Our friend Jason Remington gives a hand in helping out who’s who in this photograph taken at Salty’s in West Seattle on Monday of this week?

Tom Murphy is sitting second from left between Dick Curtis and Ric Hansen with Steve West sitting on far right. Standing with sunglasses is John Maynard, Charlie Brown, Burl Barer, Robin Sherwood, Ichabod Caine, and not familiar with the others until I see Pat O’Day in green shirt and then Bill Wolfenbarger standing on far right end.  If you recognize any of the others, please post in comment section below.



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