Embattled ‘Meet the Press’ Host David Gregory Meets with CNN


By Page Six Team, New York Post

August 3, 2014


As rumors swirl that David Gregory could be replaced as host of “Meet the Press,” the embattled anchor may already be lining up his next move: He was seen meeting at CNN Thursday.

Sources have said that Gregory’s days at “Meet the Press” are numbered, with ratings down, but that NBC would likely wait until after the midterm elections to make any change. But multiple sources told us that the former NBC White House correspondent was seen in CNN’s building Thursday afternoon, signaling he could be prepping a move himself.

A move to CNN would make sense, sources told Page Six, since the anchor enjoyed close ties with former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker before the exec took over at CNN Worldwide last year.

“No one was surprised to hear David was meeting over at CNN,” a network-news insider said after word spread that Gregory was spotted at the rival news network. “Jeff and David have been very close professionally and personally. Jeff was a champion of David’s during his time at NBC. Their families are close. They have a very strong relationship that dates back to the 1990s.” Before rising to CEO, Zucker had been producer of ­“Today” when Gregory was hired at the network.

Another source said CNN is “currently testing for a prime-time pilot that could be perfect for David.”

NBC News President Deborah Turness has publicly supported Gregory, but a source sniffed, “He should be looking. ‘Meet the Press’ is in distress.” The show’s ratings have plummeted 43 percent after the death of Tim Russert.

Qualified replacements, we hear, could include Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and Savannah Guthrie.

But sources told us that with all the speculation surrounding Gregory’s departure, NBC likely wouldn’t make a change until after the midterms. “They are not going to prove everyone right and make the change right away,” one said. It seems Gregory might have other ideas in mind.

NBC had no comment, and CNN didn’t get back to us.

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