NEW: Calgary’s 90.3 AMP Doubles Down on Music


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On Friday, August 1, 2014, 90.3 AMP in Calgary embarked on a bold new strategy to present Calgary with a radio station that actually plays twice as many songs.

90.3 AMP is now branded as “Twice The Music”, and that isn’t just a slogan… it is a reality. 90.3 AMP really does play twice as many songs as it used to, and twice as many songs as nearly every other radio station.

Previously, 90.3 AMP played approximately 12 songs each hour, similar to most other radio stations. Now, 90.3 AMP plays approximately 24 songs every hour. By doubling the number of songs played each hour, 90.3 AMP is able to play more hits, more often, than any other radio station in Calgary.

Along with playing twice the music, 90.3 AMP is committed to bringing Calgarians exciting new music via hourly “First Play” songs, giving listeners the opportunity to discover new hits that are exploding on social media or topping the charts in other countries.

90.3 AMP has exclusive access to Quickhitz  provided by Sparknet Communications, an international consultancy specializing in branded formats, research, and programming. 90.3 AMP is CKMP-FM, owned and operated by Newcap Radio. In addition to 90.3 AMP, Newcap also proudly owns XL103 (CFXL-FM) in Calgary.


  1. As stated in the Radio Regulations (SOR 86- 982:
    (8) … A.M. licensee, F.M. licensee or digital radio licensee that is licensed to operate a commercial station, community station or campus station shall, in a broadcast week, devote at least 35% of its musical selections from content category 2 to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety.

  2. If you think a publicly traded company like NewCap, and a high powered consultancy like Sparknet, didn’t do their homework before launching a format like this in Canada, you’re a bigger effing tool than your anonymous bs makes you appear.

  3. 90.3 AMP Calgary (from 12 songs to 24 songs per hour)
    Here is the information regarding length of music selections
    in Category 2. (CRTC regulations)
    ***Please note these regulations clearly state a song needs to be one minute or more
    in duration. What happens if radio stations play songs of 59 seconds or less?
    Is the station still required to pay the various licensing agencies royalties if
    the song is under a minute in length ? It seems unlikely stations would double their
    royalty fees in order to program 24 songs an hour instead of the current 12 selections.
    These are interesting times in which we live.


    CATEGORY 2 , Music-General

    Live or recorded entertainment music of one minute in length or more,

    broadcast uninterrupted, extending from the advent of mass-produced

    recordings to the latest hits as defined in charts of recognised trade

    publications, including popular songs and compositions that fall under

    the headings “pop”, “country and western”, “rhythm and blues”, “dance”,

    “rock”, “easy listening”, “middle-of-the-road”, “beautiful music”,

    “mood”, and “mainly for dancing”; popularised arrangements of classical

    music, jazz or authentic folksongs, music written and performed in a

    folk idiom by present-day artists; which may include songs of protest

    and/or of political and/or social comment, humorous and satirical songs,

    chansonniers and chansonnettes, English music hall and North American

    vaudeville; individual excerpts from works from the musical stage, non-

    religious Christmas songs, popular music for films and television; and

    popularisations of folk idioms, such as Latin American, Hawaiian and

    Calypso. For greater particularity the category includes the following

    four subcategories:

    Subcategory 21: Pop, Rock and Dance , This subcategory includes music

    from the entire pop, rock and dance music spectrum. This music

    includes styles generally described as “easy listening”, “beautiful

    music”, “pop adult”, “soft rock”, “dance”, “rock and roll”, “rhythm

    and blues”, “jazz rock”, “folk rock” and “heavy metal”, as well as

    all other forms of music generally referred to as either MOR (middle-

    of-the-road) or rock. This subcategory includes musical selections

    listed in recognised trade publications as AC (Adult Contemporary),

    AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) or Dance.

    Subcategory 22: Country and Country-oriented , This subcategory ranges

    from “country and western” and “bluegrass” to “Nashville” and

    “country-pop” styles and other music forms generally characterised as

    country, including musical selections listed in recognised trade

    publications as Country.

    Subcategory 23: Folk-oriented , This subcategory includes music in a

    folk style composed by the troubadours and chansonniers of our time,

    popular arrangements of authentic folksongs, and popularisations of

    folk idioms.

    Subcategory 24: Jazz-oriented , Music sung or played in a popular

    style by performers with a jazz background, including “cocktail” jazz

    and jazz improvisation when presented against a popularised

    orchestral background, but not including jazz-rock, falling under

    Subcategory 21.

    CATEGORY 3 , Music-Traditional and Special Interest

    Music of one minute or more in length, broadcast uninterrupted,

    characterised as traditional authentic songs and dances of the people,

    institutionalised music of religious faiths, “classical” music,

    authentic improvised jazz, and extended excerpts from popular musical



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