Sonic 104.9 Vancouver’s Kid Carson Got Married


By Staff Reporter, The (Vancouver) Province July 28, 2014

Radio personality Kid Carson marries longtime girlfriend Hanan Arabatlian
Kid Carson, host of the SONIC 104.9 FM show named after him, married Hanan Arabatlian in a lavish garden wedding Saturday at a private estate. The couple has been dating for five years and have two children, Paris and Axl. — Ainsley Rose Photography.

Vancouver radio icon Kid Carson married longtime girlfriend Hanan Arabatlian in a lavish garden ceremony Saturday at a private estate in West Vancouver.

Carson, host of the Sonic 104.9 show named after him, joined the station at the end of 2012. The Kid Carson Show with Randi Chase is the top-rated show among 25- to 40-year-olds in Vancouver.

Arabatlian, a fitness model and personal trainer, and Carson have been dating for five years. They have two children, Paris and Axl, who were at the intimate affair with close family and friends.

The wedding was produced by Wild Orchid Event Management and included a four-course dinner prepared by Truffles Fine Foods Catering, along with flowers from Granville Island Florist. Upright Decor and Design was responsible for decorating. The ceremony and reception were held in a marquee tent with ocean views.


  1. Nice press release masquerading as news. Yes, it is bitter anonymous radio behaviour to call this out, but the same would be said of any Kardashian pulling this stunt. It’s tacky, douchey, sad, weak, and not news at all. If the Province had actually sent a reporter and published a legit story, fine. Reprinting the fame whoring press release looks pathetic for all involved.

  2. I like the line about the show being top rated among 25 to 40 year olds in Vancouver. Are you actually serious? How about the Beat, Z or QM?

  3. Not to mention “radio icon” and brand drop, brand drop, brand drop. If you’re really cashing the million dolla bills, icon Kid, pay for your own wedding. This guy has always been about sizzle, not the steak.

  4. Paris and Axl?! How much more Kardashian-esque can you get?! This is a different Kid than the one who worked his ass off doing evenings at Z95-3 circa 2004. Sad.

  5. “This is a different Kid than the one who worked his ass off doing evenings at Z95-3 circa 2004. Sad.”

    This is an also very different Kid from when he was doing swing at KISS 92-5 Toronto before coming from LIFE (A Christian station) in Barrie (Ontario)

  6. How are they allowed to fabricate numbers like that? No fact checking? Anyone with the Numeris software on their desks know that is false. Gross “reporting.”


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