Award-winning radio voice Tarzan Dan is also a dance photographer on the rise


By Stephen Hunt

July 29, 2014

One day, Tarzan Dan got a Facebook message from Bridgett Zehr.

He’s a morning man at 101.5 KOOL FM (and a four-time winner of the Canadian Radio Announcer of the Year).

At the time, Zehr was a principal ballerina with Canada’s National Ballet. (She’s now with the English National Ballet).

What’s wrong with this picture?Nothing.

In fact, it’s a story about what was right with a picture — dance photographs Tarzan Dan had taken of his ballerina wife Caitlin Lockwood.

You see, when he’s not waking up Calgary as a high-energy morning man, Tarzan Dan (Freeman) has a secret life, as a talented, original dance photographer.

At the same time, Freeman, a musical theatre aficionado, had no idea who Bridgette Zehr was.

“I said to my wife, who’s Bridgett Zehr?” he says.

“And my wife said, why is Bridgett Zehr writing to you? And I said, she likes my photography.

“She’s like, what?

“And I said, yeah, she likes it and wants me to shoot her.

“And she said, if you can figure out how to get on an airplane to go to Toronto to shoot her, it will change your life.”

Freeman did just that, and shot Zehr rising out of Lake Ontario, in a series of haunting, beautiful shots that combine a dancer’s awesome agility, strength and beauty with incredible Canadian landscapes, to create its own unique genre. (Can Dance?).

Suddenly, people in the dance world who had no idea about Freeman’s other life as a broadcaster on radio and television, were chasing after him because of his fabulously evocative photographs.

“It just got noticed,” he says.

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