Time for the Media to set the Agenda!


The LEADERS Are Coming, The LEADERS Are Coming: Would the BC Media PLEASE Develop Some Backbone!



By Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

July 27th, 2014 ·

It’s summer …so the federal Leaders are about to do their traditional tour of the colonies: TELLING us what they want from us, TELLING us what positions to support on various issues; and, TELLING us to make sure we support them in the coming federal election.

I have a BETTER idea: why don’t WE tell them what WE want, what WE need, and why don’t WE DEMAND they give OUR PRIORITIES  more than just lip service , before just heading back to Ottawa … and governing again in the interests of Ontario and Quebec!

And what it takes to do that is a media that don’t just run around from speech to speech, from photo op to photo op  … dutifully recording it all like well-trained obedient puppy dogs and then reporting it to us as NEWS.  Good boy! And girl!

We need to push them  … if we can get them away from their friends in the Ottawa media who will travel with them … on BC bread-and-butter issues, support for REAL job creation, giving BC REAL representation in Ottawa in terms of Commons seats, Senate seats, and powerful Cabinet posts … not just junior portfolios that provide little clout at the Cabinet table … and, here’s a radical thought … how about our FAIR share of federal spending and an END to BC taxpayers’ paying not only our own way, but part of Quebec’s as well.

Like the new $2 BILLION Champlain Bridge in Montreal across the St. Lawrence River: where the federal Liberals AND NDP both want BC (and other Canadian taxpayers) to not only pay THE ENTIRE COST of construction, but also to pay for the annual operating costs =, so Quebeckers don’t have to pay tolls!

What an outrageous idea!

Why didn’t the federal Liberal and NDP Leaders call for Quebeckers to pay part of the construction of the Port Mann Bridge and the Golden Ears Bridage and absorb part of the annual operating costs so WE don’t have to pay tolls?


It’s a valid question … a question that goes right to the heart of what’s wrong with Canada and BC’s role in the nation … and BC reporters SHOULD make that THE ISSUE when ALL the Leaders are here; don’t just follow THEIR agenda.

And what about BC’s second-rate treatment and status on Parliament Hill?

WHY does the NDP insist that whenever BC gets more seats in the Commons to reflect our growing population, Quebec ALSO get more seats …even with a dwindling population … to make sure they continue to offset and BC gains?

How is that fair? Will Mulcair repudiate that idea?  And tell Quebeckers BC (and Alberta) deserve their FAIR share of seats, even if it means Quebec get a smaller share of the power pie?

And after dealing with these REAL long-term issues affecting BC’s entire role in the nation, we can get onto the Northern Gateway project, but make them be VERY CLEAR: are there ANY conditions under which they would support this project and, if so, EXACTLY what are those conditions?

If not, what are their SPECIFIC  proposals to develop thousands of jobs in BC over the next 10 to 20 years?

And, if there’s time …after all the sliding around they will do on all the above, how about asking them to be SPECIFIC once again: EXACTLY where to they stand on legalizing marijuana use and possession?

Now, those are the BC issues I would like to see canvassed when our dear Leaders cast their shadows briefly upon our turf.

Anyone have any others?

Harv Oberfeld


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