CKNW will reinvent themselves with the likes of Drex


Putting Canada First. yea right!


Drex interviews Brad Saltzberg, spokesman for  “Putting Canada First” in this clip from last Saturday afternoon on CKNW.
Drex, through his pit-bull style of investigative journalism questions its reasoning for rejecting companies such as  Jim Pattison with billboards displaying other languages, such as chinese in  Richmond, BC who’s population is prominently asian.
This is the kind of radio which could very well rejuvenate the old Top Dog.

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  1. Why does NW allow this moron Drex on the air? Decision making such as this is another reason why NW is getting closer to extinction.

    The last time I checked Canada had two OFFICIAL languages and Cantonese or Mandarin was not one of them. I’m an immigrant myself and when I moved to Canada many years ago my family and I were very happy to adapt to the culture of Canada.

    Nowadays so many immigrants come to Canada and don’t want to adapt to our culture. Instead, they want to bring their culture here and expect other Canadians to adapt to it. Then along comes CKNW and allows people like Drex on the air to promote this crap which continues to erode our culture.

    Unless Canadians develop a backbone and stand up to this denigration of our culture, the work of the founders and builders of our nation over the past century will be for not.

  2. I like Drex’s format and personality but he needs to grow a bit of nastiness about him if he was to take one of the regular OL shows. What works and is missing from NW now is someone who guests from either side of politics are not that comfortable with and someone who asks hard questions that will force guests to do their homework before going on the show. Not sure if Drex even wants to host a regular show but he would have to change his on air personality to be successful.

    Also the fact he appears to not have been in Canada or BC for long takes away from his connection with listeners when talking about historical events in the province or country.

  3. Nao,
    Firstly, you turned me right off with your opening line calling Drex a moron! For a moron, as far as I’m concerned he has the understanding and fortitude in uncovering the hypocrisy or what appears to be the case of this group ‘Putting Canada First.’ After listening to the interview, makes me wonder what kind of ‘charade’ this is all about?

    As far as your comments on the ‘erosion of our culture. Not sure where you’ve been, but this was accomplished decades ago under Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I believe your opinions reflect too much of those shared by Brad in the interview. It’s about Free Enterprise.
    The Fact is, Richmond’s population has been predominately chinese for decades, and what is wrong with targeting advertising in a language most of the population of the region, city or municipality relate to as their first language. Do you also share the disdain spokeperson Brad holds for Jimmy Pattison and anyone who believes in the free enterprise system?

  4. Prediction: Drex will transfer from CFOX to CKNW and take over the afternoon drive slot (vacated by Jon McComb > moving to Early Morning News).

  5. pigtailnewsreporter – and how is it “racist” to be opposed to groups who refuse to adapt into Canadian culture, but want us to adapt to theirs (particularly those who embrace Islam – which, incidentally, is a political ideology, not a “race”, and whose adherents want to impose that ideology onto us by force and are coming here for that expressed purpose)?

  6. The anti Australian, xenophobic racists are apparently alive and kicking, it seems, judging from some of the commentaries that I’ve read. Their rationale is, why should Australian born Drex be gainfully employed here in good ole Canada. After all, Australia does not allow Canadian broadcasters to work in their country or own land in Oz.

    Well, who gives a fuck about owning land ? What does that have to do with broadcasting,

    Meanwhile, why can’t Corus hire (unemployed) Canadian broadcasters, first ? LOL

    Not exactly a big fan of Corus, but who the hell are you to tell Corus who to hire ?

    As a Canadian born and raised broadcaster, let me add my two Canadian cents.

    This protectionist nonsense actually retards the Canadian economy and also, the broadcasting business, generally,

    The other problem is that, not all “unemployed Canadians” are even worthy of being hired.

    Most of you SUCK ! There’s a good reason why you are unemployed, ’cause you aren’t any good or else, you are so old in the tooth and need to hop in the casket, now, and simply go away !

    Especially, you females who whine like dogs ? LOL

    I think that hiring people with foreign accents is not only perfectly HEALTHY, but a tacit acknowledgement that broadcasting is for EVERYONE, and not an exclusive club for white unemployed Canadians.

  7. Dunno I’d stick this drex guy in AM but it would be great to hear LOCAL on NW again. none of the syndicated crap… except Coast to coast lol.. NW needs comedy.

    Can a News Talk station be relevant in this age? I worry they will try to appeal to 20 somethings.. that would kill The Dog. Maintaining a 45-60 year audience with current affairs and such may be the best way to go. When I was younger than that I was more concerned with my own household than the bigger issues.

    Going to be interesting to see if they can survive.

  8. If you want to know why there are so many Aussies here, check out this interview Drex did about giving advice on how to get in:

    Remember, he didnt come here for Corus, he was running a small ship on the Island when he got MILF’d. Then Corus picked him up.

    I dont know how someone can run a major spot on CKNW without a lot of understanding on the history of BC politics. Unless they want to totally blow out the blue haired audience and go for a younger crowd that needs no historical understanding of issues to form an opinion, then this guy with his wading pool depth of experience in BC will be perfect.

    He’s brash and might be a better fit at night than Eckford.

  9. VancouverTVguy:

    No meds, here ! Get out of your televised, comfy world of fantasy and step into the big bad world of REALITY. You know where you are ? You’re in the jungle, baby, and you’re gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! LOL

  10. This fellow Drex is the person who publically humiliated Premier Christy Clarke. While we have differing opinions on Premier Clark, I would think most Canadians would agree that Drex’s behaviour in this regard was completely out-of-line and insulting to Canadians. This, after he had been in Canada for less than four years, ie he was a new arrival. Arrogant, brash, lacking in tact or manners, Mr. Drex should be taken off the air permanently

  11. Don’t take it upon yourself to be offended for other people. I’m sure that Christy can defend herself if she was insulted.
    I’m Canadian and I wasn’t insulted.

  12. Anonymous @ 1:18 a.m. – Yep, just as I figured. You also know how immature you make yourself look and sound when you use “LOL” in your post?

  13. Don’t matter if the population is 90% percent what ever culture or nationality in whatever area., the signage etc. should be the official original language of the host country as is with Canada should be English then the sub languages no matter what. Its the pieces of shit ,politically correct politicians who are the main cause of this and over much time has trickled down and infected the rest of society to become an okay thing. Their no good traitors as far as im concerned and letting communities grow into closed enclaves with no desire to assimilate to our liberal democratic values and laws and treat women like shit like they do in their country! To much of this falls through the cracks of our system because politicians are to busy selling themselves, for votes and causing fractures and friction and inequality in our society like the dirty little traitors they are. Christy Clarks ethnicgate scandal is one example of this.Wwith our taxes, makes me so pissed.Iknow it’s nothing new. Most of these sacks of shit politicians no matter what party is in do this. Sometime these things may come to a screeching halt when these morons push our country to an ultra right wing party who ends up not taking this crap, maybe even something to hard. Wouldn’t be to good for some of these traitors though.This politically correct bull might push the population to support such a government out of desperation, and that’s to bad. But some of these dumbshits are so caught up in blind ambition to realize any of these possibilities.

  14. Interesting reading what everybody has to say regarding CKNW, personally I have listened to NW since around 1986 and up to about 5 years ago I have pretty well stopped, although I due tune in every now and then, I just can not stay interested . Perhaps I was spoiled with people like Webster and Bill Goode, I am unable to warm up to the latest group, Simi Sara is just plain annoying, Mike Eckford is too weak at his craft, and this person named Drex should really look at getting in to another line of work.

  15. Drex has a good strong voice and and I like his accent. As far as learning local history, that will come with experience. I don’t like people on the radio with whiny voices. It seems only the CBC still have people with good voices and most other stations like CKNW and CKWX seem to love hiring females with voices that sound like a fingernail on a blackboard.


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