Vancouver’s Changing Media : TDN’s Goddard talks with Oberfeld



Jim Goddard of Talk Digital Network‘s ‘The Goddard Report‘ talks with Harvey Oberfeld about the rapid changes in Vancouver media.

click on the following, then download the interview HERE


  1. Honestly, how can Oberfeld be considered an expert on Vancouver media if he doesn’t even know The Beat’s frequency? For all the slamming “old timers” do of the current generation, these two sound woefully out of touch.

  2. Anonymous,

    I am not Oberfeld, btw.

    I have been appearing on PSR for several years, so I will throw in my two cents.

    Oberfeld may well be old and a “dinosaur,” but he is also an informed opinion slash dinosaur and also, a broadcast journalist of very sound mind and reputation.

    The likely reason why he does not get 94.5 the Beat right, is because old “white” foggies like him generally don’t listen to n*gger music, 24 hours a day, like you younger dudes do ? LOL

    He also does not suck up to the corporations, either, which is to be commended.

    One of the major annoyances of this PSR site is the ascendancy of the (pseudo) expert, usually a bitter, unemployed male disc jockey, pontificating on everything from LG104.3, to the demise of CKNW,, to the state of malarkey and bullshit in general ?

    Here’s some great advice. Before slamming pros like Harv, get yourself a job in real radio or call some bingo games or work the drive through lineup at Mickey Dees and then, maybe, you’ll have an informed opinion on the state of radio.

  3. Not Oberfeld,

    The use of an “LOL” and an asterisk in place of the “i” does make using the n-word to describe a station’s playlist okay or even remotely funny.

    Here’s some great advice. Leave the comedy to people who can actually pull it off.

  4. Let’s make a trade, then.

    You can stop your defamation campaign of Harv Oberfeld, now, and I will stop the defamation of black music.

    Sounds like a deal ?

  5. N*gger music? Is that what you called rock n roll in the 50s? The Beat flipped from urban to pop almost 10 years ago.

    Oberfeld is smart but not informed. He criticizes young news people for covering stories without knowing the history. Hypocrite!

    Stick to politics, Harvey.

  6. Grow up please. This forum can be either an excellent place to share knowledge and informed opinion, or a kindergarten sandbox. I care a great deal about the future of radio in Vancouver and elsewhere. Crap like this is a waste of time.

  7. ” N*gger music? Is that what you called rock n roll in the 50s? The Beat flipped from urban to pop almost 10 years ago.”

    I wasn’t born then, so have no idea.

    Well, Anonymous, your 15 minute smoke break is over ! Now, be a good little unemployed white boy and say: “welcome to mickies dees, may I take your order PULEEZE.”



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