Sirius-XM Fires ‘Opie & Anthony’ Host after Racist Tirade


7:34 AM PST 07/04/2014

by Erik Hayden, The Hollywood Reporter
AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano
Anthony Cumia

The host was dropped after making “racially-charged and hate-filled remarks on social media,” the satellite radio company said.

SiriusXM has fired Opie and Anthony host Anthony Cumia after he posted a series of racist remarks on Twitter earlier this week.

Patrick Reilly, senior vp of communications at the satellite radio company, wrote in a statement that the 53-year-old DJ’s posts were “abhorrent” and the host was fired on Thursday.

Earlier in the week, Cumia had tweeted about an incident where he alleged that an African American woman attacked him while he was taking pictures in New York City. The host used offensive words and made racist statements in the Twitter tirade, also adding: “She’s lucky I was a white legal gun owner or she’d be dead. Then 5 blacks started giving me shit!”




  1. Love O and A.. I also enjoy some of the frank discussion they’ve had on race. Having said that, this article doesn’t do any justice for the level of racism in Cumia’s tweets. Wow.

  2. The dude looks like a crack-head. But seriously, it’s time for the era of the Shock Jock” to end. This loser needs to atone by spinning old jazz records at some public radio station.

  3. Anthony Cumia was never formally trained as a jock. If memory serves, he worked construction, and would appear on Opie’s PM drive show in Boston during the mid to late ’90s. Somehow the decision was made to make him a permanent fixture on the show, and the rest is history (as is O&A as we used to know it).

  4. Formal training or not Anthony was on air in major American markets for 20 years.

    Also, not sure what Jake’s problem with Shock Jocks are especially considering this one in particular was on a pay service and was easily blockable for those who wanted to make sure they didn’t even accidentally end up on that channel.


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