All for the love of radio. He gave his life! He really did!

Andy Ferguson

This afternoon (Sunday) on CKNW News Talk 980, Drex, who’s filling in for Sean Leslie brought you the story of a NAIT intern who lost his life after working too many hours in one day at an Alberta radio station. Andy Ferguson was a hilarious guy with quick wit and destined for great things his friends have said. Now his brother Matt wants to change the law so interns aren’t over worked and are treated fairly. Matt Ferguson was the guest. Listen to inteview with Drex from this afternoons show on CKNW.

Audio of the interview.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.03.50 AM  

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  1. I don’t consider anything about this story ‘Hilarious’. The fact Drex made the decision to become a voice for Andy Ferguson on CKNW shows the kind of character quality he has. It also appears in the interview, his boss was well aware of the proposed topic. That being the case, I take my hat off to Corus for addressing this very serious issue. It’s a shame it has to take the death of a good looking talented young man who not only touched the hearts of many, but had the talent recognized by those whose paths he crossed. No doubt, he was destined for great things. In the interview, his brother Matt added, but we’ll never know.


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