Dan McAllister’s retirement party

Rod Schween, Ed Bain, Cliff Lesquesne, Dan McAllister & Ross McIntyre


Puget Sound Radio wishes Dan McAllister the best in retirement, and thanks Ed Bain of The Q with this story, along with photo’s of Dan’s retirement party.

June 27, 2014

A packed house of friends, co workers and family gathered on June 18 to wish one of the true great guys in broadcasting a happy retirement.

Dan McAllister


Dan McAllister a 50 year broadcast veteran  who spent 27 of those years as the General Manager of 100.3 The Q and 91.3 The Zone goes out as a successful,respected and loved guy by all that were lucky enough to work with him.

It was a fun night filled with lots of laughs and great video and email messages from industry heavy weights like Marty Forbes, Corus’s Dave Farough, Lexine Stephens from Q107 Calgary, former BCTV weather guy Wayne Cox, and Jim Pattison Broadcast Chairman Rick Arnish just to name a few.

Dan plans to spend many hours on his boat cruising the west coast and reflecting on his great achievements including his major role in building one of this country’s greatest and most unique radio stations 100.3 The Q.

Pictured presenting Dan with his BCAB 50 Years in Broadcasting Certificate are:

Rod Schween Pres Jim Pattison broadcast group and the 3 remaining original Q staffers since the sign on in 1987, Ed Bain and Cliff Lequesne (The Q Morning Show) and Imaging wizard Ross Mcintyre.





  1. My note was short and sweet…Dan was my first PD, and my brother Ger’s too….he was the best teacher in the industry and there’s a long list of highly successful broadcasters that Dan helped along the way. I will treasure forever my first gig at CHNL Kamloops and proud to call Dan and his lovely wife Helen my ‘forever’ friends!

  2. I should have included that The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group also gave Dan and his wife Helen an Alaskan Cruise in appreciation of his 27 years of service…1st class send off indeed.

  3. We are so happy for you and as your sister I couldn’t be more proud. You deserve all the accolades and the love. You have always been a wonderful person and it shows in the friendships you have made. We were so sorry to miss your party. Enjoy your retirement Dan.

  4. All my best to you and the family in your retirement, little brother!! You have done so much for the industry in Canada and it is recognised across the country. When we got you in Terrace, I knew you would be awesome as you learned very fast and went on to do amazing things. So many have benefited from your hard work. Mom and Dad and the rest of the family are very proud! See you next month. Love, John and family!!

  5. A lot of water under the bridge since Dan and I worked together at CHQM AM/FM. Some very early mornings were shared. Always in good humour.
    Best of luck in the future, Dan.
    And thanks for attending my 50th Anniversary at the Penticton BCAB Convention. It was good to see you.

  6. All the best in retirement, Dan. I always loved those stories of your early days in Yorkton with Gary Mack (Byron MacGregor)! Cherish them and all your broadcast memories.

  7. Dan, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you on Radio NL in Kamloops close to 40 years ago! Getting up for school in the mornings, I was a big fan, especially during your comprehensive rundown of the weather, with your great voice and enthusiasm. I still have dozens of them catalogued on cassette tape! Cheers and all the very best.

  8. It was a great party for a great guy. The pictures they had on the big screen were classic. Dan used to be a model? True story,..I wish Ed would have sent in THAT picture.

  9. Best wishes on your retirement Dan, you were my first and still one of the best PD’s I ever had. And boy did you have patience my friend! Never forget my time in Kamloops with one of the best! Gerry Forbes

  10. I first met Dan in Fort McMurray. Not only did he have that great voice and the ability to communicate so well on the radio, but what a good looking guy with the best ties I had ever seen a man wear. He moved to Victoria to set up 100.3 The Q and I followed him two years later. Working with him was such a great experience, one that I will always cherish. He`s one of the best.
    It’s also important to say that his fashion sense is unmatched. About ten to twelve years ago, Dan gave me some of the ties he was planning to get rid of. I wear them to this day and though these ties could very well be 20 plus years old, I stillget comments on how good my ties look. See…. his fashion sense is timeless.
    We miss you Dan and I know your passion for the broadcasting industry will forever be influencing the creativity and culture of our two great Victoria radio stations.
    Oh…and Dan….if you have any ties that you want to get rid of, I know someone who would love to have them. Love ya man!

  11. Dan is a class act. It was a pleasure to share the offices with him on Quadra Street for all those years. All the best for great times ahead, Dan.

  12. I can only say that I am touched and very appreciatve of all these comments and the great turnout at the ‘party’. It’s very gratifying to hear these kinds of comments while you’re still alive. So many people have put their hearts and souls into the success of the Q and the ZONE over the years and continue every day. The stations have seen some super talented people pass through and leave their marks on two unique stations. I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. The stations have exceeded the crazy dreams we had back in 1987.
    Thanks Everyone ! Love Ya! Dan


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