BBM Canada Rebranding to “NUMERIS”



New identity reflects organization’s evolution

TORONTO, June 19, 2014 /CNW/ –

BBM Canada, the industry standard in broadcast audience measurement, today announced that it has changed its name to Numeris.  Rooted in a 70-year history of providing timely, accurate, business-critical information to its membership, the new name along with a new identity reinforce the organization’s position as the most respected industry source for audience and consumer behaviour intelligence. Numeris has adopted a new name, visual identity and tagline, Audiences Count.

“We are excited to announce this evolution in our organization. As Numeris, our members have access to the same exceptional information and services on which they have come to rely, including sophisticated data tracking and measurement technologies that help them gain valuable audience insights and deliver relevant, high quality programming to Canadian consumers,” explains Jim MacLeod, Numeris President and Chief Executive Officer. “Building on the foundation we have developed as a trusted and respected partner, the new brand identity articulates our key mandate – to partner with our members to be a driving force in shaping the Canadian media landscape.”

Working with branding and communications agency, Cundari, Numeris sought to ground the visual identity in the organization’s extensive experience and industry insight to position it for an energetic and innovative future. The brand identity elements, including the name, logo, tagline and colours capture the authority, transparency, accuracy and relevancy of the information and services the organization provides.

“The name Numeris connotes numbers and measurement and the new logo, made up of carefully selected coloured dots, is inspired by the reliable and trustworthy character of the organization as well as its dynamic future,” says MacLeod.

The logo’s dominant “N” formed by coloured dots suggests the bringing together of multiple data points as well as representing the many individuals who are instrumental in making significant business decisions that impact the future of Canadian broadcasting.  The new tagline Audiences Count reflects both that viewers and listeners are counted and the importance of their opinion in influencing decisions made about programming.

“We had an opportunity to develop a brand that would provide greater clarity into who we are and how we serve our broadcaster, advertiser and agency members,” says Mr. MacLeod. “In a media landscape that is changing at the speed of light, Numeris members can trust in our ability to deliver credible industry data and intelligence to respond to the changes and ensure they continually provide relevant, high quality programming to Canadians.”

Note to media: Interviews with Numeris President and CEO Jim MacLeod and high resolution logo files are available on request. Please contact Kathy Fischer at [email protected], 416-727-5647.

About Numeris

Operating since 1944, Numeris provides broadcast measurement and consumer behaviour as well as industry-leading intelligence to a member and licensee base that includes leading Canadian broadcasters, advertisers, agencies, and other broadcast-related organizations. Numeris provides information on audience behaviours during and after broadcasts utilizing sophisticated data tracking and measurement technologies. By providing members insight into important audience and consumer business information and intelligence, we enable them to deliver programming that meets the needs of Canadians.

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