Court Orders Casey Kasem To Be Fed, Hydrated And Medicated As The End Seems Near

    • courtesy All Access Music Group  June 10 2014
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        A court has once again stepped in to rule on the health of CASEY KASEM, ruling YESTERDAY (6/9) that KASEM should be fed, hydrated and medicated. A court-appointed attorney evaluated the health of KASEM following moves made by CASEY’s daughter, KERRY KASEM, to begin end of life measures.

        CBS NEWS reports, “daughter KERRI KASEM, who has been placed in temporary control of his treatment, consulted with doctors and decided in recent days to stop giving her father food, water and medications, attorneys said in court. LOS ANGELES Superior Court Judge DANIEL S. MURPHY ruled that CASEY KASEM should receive the treatments while an attorney appointed by the judge meets with KASEM and his doctors in WASHINGTON state.”

        TROY MARTIN, an attorney for KERRI KASEM said, “the decision to begin end-of-life measures was made after doctors determined that feeding and hydrating the celebrity had become increasingly painful. MARTIN said the judge’s ruling is likely to cause the former AMERICAN TOP 40 host more pain,” adds CBS.

        CASEY’s wife JEAN told the court she supported the ruling, and will seek to be reinstated as her husband’s caretaker. “Only God knows when to take someone,” she said.

        The judge has set a hearing for FRIDAY, JUNE 13th to receive an update about KASEM’s health.

        STEVE HANEY, an attorney for JEAN KASEM, said it was unclear how much longer KASEM had to live.


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