Is Dave Wheeler the real king of Winnipeg radio?


Getting to the bottom of BBM ratings puts 92 CITI on top


Dave Wheeler

It is before noon and Dave Wheeler is comfortably kicked back in a 92 CITI-FM office, sporting the ease of a man who’s already finished his workday while most everyone else is just starting theirs.

For someone who has honed a craft in radio, Wheeler is also a recognizable face, one of the select local personalities who most Winnipeggers could pick out of a lineup.

Yet Wheeler, who is clearly not sweating his lot in life, is nevertheless vexed by a recent batch of radio ratings that he says skews perception of the local landscape.

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  1. Wheeler? Please? King of radio is Ace Burpee. And as a newspaper guy you should know better that circulation is what counts not how you rank 25-54. Only people concerned about demographics are ad agencies not the mom and pop operations. Give me those 40 and over anytime. They are the ones spending money!


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