Always Mountain Time chooses StreamOn




10-radio stations switch to new streaming platform in less than 48 hours

Edmonton / Denver,

May 20, 2014:

StreamOn is proud to announce a partnership with Always Mountain Time to provide streaming for their 10 radio stations. Through the use of StreamOn’s HLS streaming technology, Always Mountain Time is now able to provide a more reliable listening experience for mobile listeners in the resort areas of the Colorado Rockies. The switchover of all 10 stations took less than 2 days, and demonstrates the capabilities of StreamOn’s deep integration with Commotion.

The Commotion platform enhances listener interaction with an in-player conversation feed and real-time song voting. As Commotion plays a key part in AMT’s digital strategy, the enhanced functionality of StreamOn’s Commotion-integrated player made the change in streaming providers an easy decision.

Always Mountain Time CEO, Pete Benedetti; “When we were looking for a new streaming partner, we were looking for someone to provide not only high quality streams, but integration with our Commotion app, and social media as well. We were blown away with StreamOn’s platform (which) could integrate seamlessly with what we wanted to do. Not only do they use the newest streaming technology (HLS), but also their entire backend system is focused on the listener experience, just like Commotion.”

Kyle McCoy VP/Operations and Programming at Always Mountain Time; “The ability to record segments right off of the stream, save them, then push them out for our listeners to hear on their own time is something unique and really easy to do with StreamOn, and something that until now we couldn’t integrate with The Commotion platform. I highly recommend StreamOn to anyone that wants something more than JUST a “streaming provider”. StreamOn gets it.”

Commotion President Ryan Burgoyne; “We are so excited to have one of our long time clients take advantage of the unique and deep integration Commotion has with StreamOn! With this integration, we believe radio stations that leverage the power of both companies, will be able to do truly amazing and groundbreaking things with their listeners and advertisers. Over the next few months, the level of integration will be even deeper with StreamOn, which will provide experiences for listeners and tools for advertisers that radio stations could only have wished for in the past.”

StreamOn is one of Canada’s oldest and most established streaming companies. Beginning in 2002 as the result of a need to develop a plug and play, seamless streaming solution for the OK Radio Group’s 10-radio stations. StreamOn currently serves a growing customer base of over 300 radio stations in North, Central and South America, along with the Caribbean, Africa, and the South Pacific.

Contact: Jamie Moffat,

Director of Business Development – StreamOn – Email Jamie Moffat: ja*********@st******.fm




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