Corus Winnipeg Shake Up


corus cluster winnipeg

Corus Radio Winnipeg cleaned house Tuesday.

Hal Anderson of the CJOB morning show and his producer Olivia Billson were both let go today. Hal’s contract had apparently come to it’s end after 5 years. Hal was a staple on Power 97 for many years.

Corus also let go Matt Cundill, brand director for both Power 97 & Fresh FM

MattCundill Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 1.51.30 PM


  1. Worked with Big Hal back in the 80’s…a wild and crazy guy!
    He was over 300 pounds at the time (he actually lost over 150 pounds back then as well) …and several times when he was out on the dance floor, his knee would pop out of joint! But, he would just pop it back in place…and go back to dancing! He was the size of a moose, but he moved like a gazelle! Great times.
    Even one of Canada’s Greatest Canadians can get the pink slip. : (
    Chin up, Hal. You’ll find another great gig!


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