Dr. Sport: Canuck Broadcasters Miss the NHL Playoffs Too


By Greg Douglas,
Vancouver Sun
May 9, 2014

SCENE & HEARD: That hollow feeling of not being part of NHL playoffs doesn’t stop with general managers, coaches, trainers and athletes. It hits with heavy impact the play-by-play broadcasters who are also forced to make sudden lifestyle adjustments.“Just call me Mr. Mom,” Rick Ball said Friday as he was driving Miss Gracie on a field trip with her friends to Playland at the PNE grounds. Daughter Gracie is a budding young basketball player in Langley’s One Pass Ahead program and Pappa Rick has graciously chaperoned a couple of tournament trips to Seattle.Ball is the voice of the Canucks on Team 1040 who also called 15 western Hockey Night in Canada games this past season. Since mid-April he’s been dipping into wife Carole’s ‘Honey Do’ household chores jar, slowly catching up on time-honoured husbandly duties around home.

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