Chris Scheetz 25 years later…



Our facebook friend Chris Scheetz is also celebrating  a milestone….

25 years ago today I won a lottery..A job lottery. I got a job thanks to Deb McCurdy working in the CISN COUNTRY promotions department. Well working is the wrong term. I’ve been doing something I love with people I love for 25 years. Two and a half decades comes quick when you start at 18 years old. I’ve been SO blessed over the years and there are SO many people to thank. Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with, anyone who has ever listened on air to me and of course my family. Today is graduation day in my home town of Thorsby. Many years ago I was honored to be the guest speaker. That night I told the class to find something you love, and you’re good at and start dreaming. My message would be the same after 25 years. I’m living my dream. Thanks to everyone for 25 years of blessings! Just a
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