Donovan spins the tunes at Whistler FM




Donovan Tildesley

The blind guy is let loose live on-air for one full hour on a rainy Thursday evening!

Here’s a recent clip of our very own Donovan Tildesley on Whistler FM.



  1. This was a lot of fun, albeit a tad challenging. About a year ago, GM Robert Wilson and I sat down to create Braille labels for the Whistler FM console. This was done using a master list of the various controls (mic buttons, sliders, etc.). Because of our busy schedules, it was done off-sight, with Rob creating yet another master list of which label corresponded to which control. The Thursday before Easter was the first chance I had to test-drive the board. I sat down, took one look (or feel in my case), and quickly realized that everything was off! It was 9PM, and rather than spending the time to redo the whole process, we decided to just *~#$ it and have fun! Rob opp’d, I cracked the mic, we each cracked open a beer and did an impromptu hour of LIVE radio! Having to keep track of artists/titles using memory alone took some concentration on my part, but we both were reasonably satisfied with the finished product. Radio is still fun in Whistler!


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