Friday, May 24, 2024

On Air Talent by Paul Kaye

2 Truths About Radio Content by Paul Kaye

Radio is full of opinions.  Often there is little consensus as to what makes great radio.  For some people this can be frustrating

Your title doesn’t make you a coach by Paul Kaye

The label coach is thrown around a lot in business. Managers seem quick to describe themselves as a coach just because they are responsible for overseeing a team

Evaluating your Morning Show, by Paul Kaye

When I took on my first PD role, I thought I had all the answers. In fact I made it known to anyone who would listen that I had all the answers.

Dealing with Difficult Personalities, by Paul Kaye

Great talent is the engine that propels our business forward. Talent who can see the opportunities the rest of us are blind to are essential for any company's future growth

Lights… Camera… Action! by Paul Kaye

Who doesn’t love watching movies! Watching a movie, for me, is pure escapism. I get drawn in by the multi-dimensional characters and quickly lost in the intricacies of the narrative.  I am moved by powerful stories and movies are just that

The curse of mediocre performance by Paul Kaye

Mediocre performance is a virus.  Once an individual becomes infected it spreads quickly and with vigor into their psyche.   If an individual becomes infected mediocrity can start to spread to others and before long it’s bringing everyone down, crippling your team’s chances of peak performance

Coach, don’t command, by Paul Kaye

“I don’t have time to teach them, I just need it fixed.”  Those were the words that fell out of a manager’s mouth while we were discussing the performance of an individual on their team

Outta My Way! I’m In A Rush by Paul Kaye

I feel like there is an epidemic plaguing our workforce right now. Employees are eagerly -- often naively -- chasing that next job title too quickly.

Want to be successful?  What questions are you asking yourself?

The alarm clock annoyingly buzzes. Loudly. Your first instinct is to pull the duvet up over your head. It doesn't help

Setting your team up for success: The 3 things to do…...

"Weak foundations are the most common cause for an eventual collapse; and you can't easily fix the foundations once you've already started building!"