CBC viewership hits record lows as subsidies hit record highs


It’s a disastrous figure for a Crown corporation currently in the middle of internal squabbles over a decision to offer sponsored under the CBC banner.


December 14, 2021

The CBC has turned the record sum of cash they received from the Liberal government into its worst ratings in history, new figures reveal.

Despite getting $1.5-billion of taxpayers’ money, data from the CRTC show the CBC has dropped to less than 3.9 per cent of viewership across Canada in 2018-2019 – a whopping drop of 25 per cent in just one year.

It’s a disastrous figure for a Crown corporation currently in the middle of internal squabbles over a decision to offer sponsored content under the CBC banner. Some CBC journalists fear that the move will weaken the public’s trust in them further, while many in the private sector believe that the move will crowd them out of an already dwindling advertising market.

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  1. OK, I get that people want to question CBC’s spending on English TV (it’s justifiable), but why do these people forget that the $1B also covers English radio, French radio/TV, and online – the CBC services people actually use, and as recent ratings prove, radio is placing #1 or #2 in most markets.

    • Probably? Some people might call it that. I know they cater to a certain portion of people on the left side of the political spectrum, and on some days it’s painfully obvious on their TV and radio content.

      Anyway, my only concern about that article from The Western Standard was that people like Dave Naylor who criticize how CBC spends its money forgets that there’s more to that organization than the little-watched English TV service. At least acknowledge that the radio services, French TV, and online services are well used. Then they can say whatever you want about English TV or however else the CBC spends its money.

        • I look at the CBC in the same way that I look at Fluoride in my drinking water; something that should provide a subsistence level of news and information to all Canadians and, in particular, into rural and far north markets otherwise underserved by private broadcasters.

          But we don’t have that, do we? Canadians are underwriting a bloated mish-mash of rather valueless information- short on hard news and long on social content, usually featuring marginal “talent” and amateurish production. Much of the day is barely listenable.

          The CBC has become masters of manipulating job descriptions in order to raise talent salaries to levels three and four times over comparable private-sector talent. In short, when a traffic anchor, on-air about six minutes per hour, makes more than the average Canadian attorney, you know you’re in trouble.

          The Conservatives took, in my opinion, a pragmatic approach to reforming the CBC, by suggesting adaptation of the NPR model that we feature here in the States. By illustration, here in Las Vegas, KNPR, which has masterfully blended a tripartite funding model of corporate, private donation, and modest government support, is regularly the Arbitron market leader across all key demographics. The programming is rock-solid, well-produced and promotes points of view from right across the political spectrum. The taxpayers have only a modest role and, yet, the sky didn’t fall.
          It will take strong political leadership to accept the inevitable and follow suit in Canada.

          • Interesting comparison.
            People think fluoride is good.
            Do some research. Fluoride is toxic to the human body.

            People think CBC (the Mother Corp) has credible reporting.
            Do some research. CBC is toxic to the mind.

  2. The CBC has plummeted to new lows the past couple of weeks. The so-called coverage of the truck convoy to be specific. Having been to the event numerous times, I couldn’t ignore the difference of what I experienced and what they reported. If it wasn’t so serious it would be comical. The CBC truly should be renamed the ministry of truth. Very recently a protester was deliberately struck by a driver injuring more than one person. He was charged and CBC reported. A highschool student could have done a better job with that story. CBC provided the bare minimum of fact and seemed to put as much emphasis on the fact that the victim got up quickly(implying little injury) than they did on the attack itself. I recently learned from Andy Ngo( the independent journalist) that the man is an active antifa member. The CBC only says he was there because of the protest. That statement is technically true but he was there to attack them. Deliberately framing news to suit the narrative of the state is something that belongs in North Korea or George Orwell’s 1984 not in our country.

  3. I completely agree with you, Mr. Conolly. They’ve always been biased, and quite frankly lacking in historical and geographical context for news stories (because of the public education standards in our country and because of the way news media is). Unfortunately, a lot of people still believe everything the CBC says. They believe on faith, practically. I had one (working class) person today tell me the Freedom Convoy “was all the unvaccinated people’s fault”, and another (working class) person tell me that “all the truckers are racist and should go home”. Neither of them understood that the protest was/is against the mandates, which is about the freedom of everyone in the country, or what the Emergency Measures act means in terms of their own rights and freedoms. Both these people had left _more_ corrupt countries to come to Canada, but somehow completely aceepted the CBC as absolute truth.

    • I agree that the CBC is definitely bias, definitely corrupt, and that they literally wagered a PR war against the protest in Ottawa. Their left leaning globalist anti-conservative rhetoric was prominent during the Harper government, complete with favorable pictures of liberals and unflattering pictures of Harper, as well as the comment section being trolled by pro-liberal bots and paid actors all while anything against their narrative got weeded out systematically.

      Part of this, to blame, isn’t on the media, it’s on our ability to have critical thinking, politically intelligent and historically knowledgable people to make up the country to call the media out. All of those traits have been eroded slowly over the last 35 years with immigration from different cultures combined with bending over backwards with “tolerance” brainwashing which resulted in a divide and conquer scenerio via identity politics which replaced our culture and our ability to fight corruption. Then, globalization of the economy led to destruction of all relevant union groups and the bargaining power of the average worker which destroyed the middle class and replaced “careers” with “jobs”, which destroyed small towns and started big-box monopolies. It also allowed too many foreign owners of land and property and allowed rich people to commit treason by hiding money overseas.

      And with our ability to communicate and agree together on issues gone, the tech industry combined with the media industry and the intelligence agencies all have this insane amount of data and surveillance capabilities giving them the ability to turn manipulation into a science that can be used with unbelievable effectiveness on individuals and any demographic you can think of. And since no one watched the watchmen (intelligence oversight), it was only going to be a relatively short amount of time before all power structures were infiltrated with elite power-grabbing scumbags through old-world power structure financing and blackmail techniques designed to create secrecy andhide corruption. With all of this, it’s no suprise that we are living in a world where all regulatory bodies are captured except for grass-roots ones, but they’ll fail because there’s too many small groups and they’re too easily divided.

      So, it’s true that all systems become corrupt over time, all societies end in despotism, if it happens once it will happen again, and all things crumble under time and are forgotten (like lessons from our grandparents generation). But, it’s also true that the world is slowly becoming a better place, even if there’s very little progress and some sample sizes show great loss. So, the world that could have been is gone, the people whining about immigrants are 35+ years too late (tragic), the people angry about elitism and globalization aren’t going to stop it, the people protesting about freedom aren’t going to do anything but slow down it’s demise. But, with faith and love the people will eventually come together, and true liberalism will come back one day. Of course, all the good stuff will happen after the people with power consume themselves (no civilization was ever conquered, they all centralized power too much and imploded in upon themselves), and so too will the NWO, the fourth reich will, be; by my best guess: 200 years max, maybe 500 with long distance neural reading capabilities, but eventually the snake eats itself. When that time comes there will be a new age, real liberalism, real progress.

      Of course thst doesnt mean that in our current mental dark age that an enlightened person can’t exist, just don’t rock the boat, stay away from all intelligence/military people, trust your instincts with who to trust, don’t trust anything on the news or social media and consume the information and analyze from an emotional distance so that you aren’t feeling bombarded by suppressive psy-ops. Believe in love and believe that good outpowers evil and if you want to save the world, this is how. It’s true because power is an illusion, except for the power you have over yourself, all movements are flawed somehow because they try to change other peoples way of thinking, so leading life as an individual is the best-longest lasting seed you can plant and you never embrace the illusion of power over people. Having said that, I’m proud of people who do try to make a difference in their world, good job guys!

      • I realized it was over when we had multiculturalism stuffed down our throats during school, and no one was allowed to say anyfhing against it or we were labelled racist. Then, when I saw the wild rose campaign video when they first started, I remember it was all “canadians are great, strong, brave…etc” and had nothing to do with a platform. When they won I knew our voting bloc had been reduced to american level idiocy and that democracy had failed.

        To go on what I said earlier, I hope I’m wrong about the NWO winning, and if there’s a turning point against it I’ll join the cause.

  4. I do not think that we should get rid of the CBC. I think they should be out of the news business though. No democratic country should have a government funded news organization because it just makes it too tempting for politicians, bureaucrats and journalists alike to collude with each other or at the very least for the population to have the impression that they are doing so. In fact no democracy can survive without a news media that is both independent and seen to be independent of political interference and corruption. No matter where one is in the political spectrum the data is undeniable and tells us that this is where we find ourselves with the CBC today. Canadians simply no longer trust them.

    So I believe that the solution is to sell off CBC News and to end other subsidies to news media in the country beyond generic tax incentives, but no more cash infusions. Then for CBC to get back to their true mandate of promoting Cdn history and culture but this aspect of their mandate also needs to be fixed so it represents truth and fact. Not the politically spun nonsense we see today. We also need to redefine what constitutes ‘Canadian Culture’. For instance I just watched a CBC funded drama series about King Arthur. It was shot entirely in New Zealand and starred mostly British actors. It had a few Cdn actors and perhaps even some Cdn production staff(?) and while it was entertaining, it certainly was not ‘Canadian Culture’ in my view. Sadly this sort of thing is routine and pervasive among CBC’s production initiatives.

    Anyway I am under no illusion that any of this will happen soon as see no political will on the part of any party to even discuss the issue. I do not see why though because given the data it is clear that the public has lost faith in the CBC and wants a change.


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