Mansbridge slams CBC leadership, says network needs to do better

Peter Mansbridge and Justin Trudeau

“I want to underline that these aren’t personal attacks. I think this is a flaw in the system of the way the public broadcaster of Canada is run.”


October 4, 2021

Former CBC chief anchor Peter Mansbridge has slammed the network’s board of directors and says while Canada needs the CBC, it needs to do better.

Mansbridge made the comments in the Globe and Mail for a review of a book he’s written that chronicles his 30 years at the network.

“I have no personal grievances against anyone. However I do feel because of the nature of the public broadcaster and the fact that the top-level positions are filled by government —whoever the government of the day is — that we’ve lost time and energy,” said Mansbridge, when asked about the leadership of CBC.

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  1. CBC is a fatted calf that exists for the sole purpose of bilking the Canadian Taxpayer:

    1. When I was in High School in Montreal in the 70s, I would attend tapings of “Reach for the Top” at the International Broadcast Centre at the old Expo67 site. This inherited facility contained a huge state-of-the-art studio with stadium seating for at least 200. The private broadcasters of the day, CFCF-12 and CFTM-10 could only dream of such facilities; nevertheless these two private broadcasters produced more local programming than CBC English and French TV combined.
    2. The last year of High School, RFTT was moved to the BRAND NEW “Maison de Radio-Canada”, a state-of-the art facility that contained dozens of massive studios, also with stadium seating. The studio for RFTT was so huge that even 200 students only filled part of it. This facility had no English name translation or signage in direct violation of the official languages act. Nobody cared.
    3. NOW, apparently, CBC Montreal has another brand new facility because, we are told, the staff hated taking the elevator from their offices in the “tower” to the basement where the dozens of opulent studios were located. Can you imagine?

    By the way, CFCF-12 has since been taken over by various owners, the latest being Bell Media. They now produce nothing except news. Their old studios, complete with helicopter landing pad, have been converted to offices for the City of Montreal. I don’t know if CFTM produces anything anymore or who even owns them.

    CBC should donate their “old” studios to a private broadcaster – imagine what THEY would produce. CBC obviously can’t produce anything watchable, even with these state-of-the art facilities. But as long as the taxpayer pays, this bloated parasite will continue to rip us off.


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