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Charles Adler

Charles Adler is gone from CKNW. The NW website has wiped clean any mention of Adler. His 7-10 pm timeslot is now called “CKNW Evenings” with no host or format mentioned.

On Adler’s last show on Friday (and on his twitter feed) he waxed
nostalgic on his 48 years in the radio business.

from Adler’s twitter account, he says he’s taking a break…
Even “Legends” take breaks. Taking one after 48 yrs of Radio & TV, the last 32 in Talk Radio- Picked up an Emmy in the U-S-Lifetime Achievement in Canada. HERE

PSR understands it was Corus Radio’s National Director of Talk Radio, American Larry Gifford who was responsible for the cancellation of both the Adler and Michael Campbell shows. According to our friend Gord Lansdell of NWBroadcasters, there are more changes coming.

Thanks to Tipster Gavin Bamber for the original story


  1. Well Adler moved from being a tried and true conservative broadcaster when in Winnipeg to morphing into a west coast liberal broadcaster all his years now in Vancouver. But for 24/7/365 virtue signalling libtard CKNW, where all the hosts now just parrot each other, I guess he was never woke enough?

  2. The changes coming are simple. Corus wants to get into sports. Not just a one off station like 730 or 980. They want sports in as many markets as they can. They also want to rebrand a tv channel or 2. They also want to go at it online with a sports site with steaming. Similar to Sportsnet now. So we will see lots of changes on the talk stations. The idea is that we will see more programming that airs on several stations. Then sports programming will come to 730 to start. Then it will spread. They also want to do shows like tsn and Sportsnet, that air a drive time radio show on tv also. Corus is also looking to purchase stations to help fulfill the sports end of it.

  3. They now have gotten rid of Bruce Allen. Mike Campbell and Charles Adler who are all older guys– hmmm age discrimination???To be replaced by younger people at far less salary

  4. Not just older but experienced broadcasters as well. As I have said before, watch out Gord Macdonald it’s rabbit season!

  5. I think Mike Smyth is the only one left right that is a strong objective broadcaster there. He’ll go after any side. The rest are kind of lame. Global, Gailus, and Zussman, Baldrey, Vance others have their lips firmly on government posterior. Also Bonnie Henry’s little lap doggies. They sold their souls and journalists capabilities. Disgraces to the profession, the the lot.

  6. “The NW website has wiped clean any mention of Adler.” Wow, this is just like George Orwell’s “1984.” A minor functionary by the name of Winston Smith was charged with erasing from the media any historical references to individuals who had fallen into disfavour with the regime and Big Brother.

  7. Rob is right. Corus wants sports, absolutely. Too much smoke around that to not believe it. And it gets a huge boost in the spring, when they grab the Canucks from Rogers and 650.

    And 48 years is long enough to call your own shots. Good for Adler.

  8. Not sure the connection Rob is making between these firings and his contention NW is moving into sports. Why would they do that. Sports stations draw zip in this town. Even the Canucks are a hard sell which is why both Corus then Bell gave up the Canucks rights. Fact is, Adler and Campbell sounded past their due date. Bruce Allen way too elitist and bullying the less fortunate with mental health issues on the Downtown Eastside didn’t win him any friends or listeners, simply branding himself another angry, old, entitled white guy. Roy Green should be next…rarely connects with the average Joe or Jane.

  9. Adler spent 25% of each show talking about himself and his father who ran a little tailor shop in Montreal.

  10. @ News 1.0

    “[…] another angry, old, entitled white guy.”

    What kind of a bigot actually writes this stuff?

  11. ‘NW becoming a sports station? As News 1.0 correctly states, sports stations draw flies…Vancouver is not a big league town… the Canucks draw meagre ears to their radio broadcasts.
    Campbell & Allen had the gonads to tell it like it is, whether we wanted to hear it or not. Adler became vanilla and unbearable at times.
    I have no reason to listen to ‘NW and have moved on …

  12. I’m so damn glad that Adler is finally gone ! Sorry Charles, but you sucked, so time for someone else. I wish you well in retirement.

    Someone with more energy and more “gas” in the gas tank, so yeah, a younger talent ?

    Others that could also use the boot. Phil Johnston from AM1150 Kelowna is also a boring, tiresome windbag who likes to hear his own voice?

    Moving to sports for Corus Vancouver is probably a good idea. Squire Barnes is someone that I might listen to doing his own sports talk show.

    John Mc keachie is another that I might listen to.

    However, if they bring back sports, make sure that they don’t bring back retreads like Dan Russell, otherwise, people will tune out !

    Talk radio is a slippery slope, indeed.

  13. I guess my comment about 730 out 980 as a one off confused people. Corus is going into the sports game. Radio. Online and TV. Radio will be 730 in Vancouver. But what we will see is lots of budget cuts at talk stations. More National based talk shows. Hopefully this clears things up

  14. I thought Charle Adler had to much corny talk, and that converation around the Canadian kitchen table segment he did was one. He was a good person though all round. Best wishes to him.

  15. I’m not surprised. Both Adler and Campbell were critical of government policies and they should be because a lot of them made no sense both financially and in implementation. Don’t be surprised if the media bailouts had anything to do with these moves because “money talks”. The fact that these coincide with the timing of the election also stinks to high heaven.

  16. The problem I had with Charles Adler was that he blocked my emails permanently to him after I disagreed with one of his guests comments. He could have simply ignored my future emails but no he had to make the point of refusing to even read them. That told me that he didn’t really understand his “job” in having good dialogue with the listener. I did like Bruce Allen as he called a spade a shovel and Campbell as well with his goofy awards calling out mainly government incompetence. But as one of the above comments stated, the media was bailed out by Trudeau so they felt obligated and that was 100% wrong. And we need Roy Green so don’t get rid of him Corus.

  17. Was it the constant, inexplicable giggling, the cringe-inducing “National Kitchen Table” crud, the excessive fawning on guests (eg. Kinsella), or the frequently tedious topics? He was, however, excellent at times. Self-indulgent.

  18. Surely they took off Charles Adler coz he switch from conservative to liberals as simple as that, Roy Green will stay coz he’s pro cons lol!!!

  19. Pat Burns, Rafe Mair, Jack Webster, Gary Bannerman were legends, Hall of famers, you Charles Adler were only a legend in your own mind. Finally I can listen to N.W. again in the evening as no more Worn Out Kinsella and other never was beens.

  20. What a relief not having to listen to Adler anymore. His “kitchen table” with the constant sudden weeping, then, immediately afterwards the crazy giggling, the silly blubbering and don’t start me on his talking about his father’s little shop in Quebec (almost 50% of the time was wasted on this topic), and last not least “Warren Kinsella”.
    Thanks God no more of this now!

  21. Is it coincidence that Geoff Currier of CJOB had is last show earlier on the same day as Charles Adler’s last show?

    Does anybody know why Geoff basically quit?

  22. Most Canadian radio hosts don’t have balance views on geopolitics on China and have never wanted to find out the Kong,Wuhan,Xinjiang issues.They have just follow the American narratives.The worst one is Alex Pearson from CFMJ..

  23. I was wondering where has Charles Adler gone? I did like to listen to him as he has a soothing type of voice and is quite knowledgeable to listen to.
    I don’t seem to want another sport radio station as here in Toronto we already have 2 sport stations 590 The Fan and TSN 1050 which used to be 1050 Chum. I miss that.
    I don’t listen to any of these sport stations. i like to get my talk show fix to hear the news and opinions about the news.
    I have noticed some people in the media have quietly disappeared from the mike and Tv.
    I like Charles Adler I remember when he was on CFRB..

  24. All I can say is, “Thank GOD for small favours!” SO glad he’s gone. Now I don’t have to change the channel every evening.


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