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Our sales training colleagues in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto occasionally deal with a buyer called the Professional Shopper.  This is an individual who contacts many suppliers always trying to get the lowest price.  You’ve probably dealt with them before.  They’re like trying to catch a fish with your hands.  Here’s our best advice in handling the Professional Shopper to ensure you can either close the business or move on to a more promising opportunity.


The Profile of the Professional Shopper

  • Appear to have genuine interest upfront
  • Asks for a quote or proposal on your product or services
  • Shows a sense of urgency in wanting to purchase
  • Request that you get back to them quickly or within a tight deadline
  • May require research and additional work to meet their requests
  • Sometimes change direction with you once you give them your quote or proposal
  • Might stall for time to make a final decision as they investigate other suppliers
  • Tell you that they can buy the same product somewhere else for much less than you


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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 


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