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Quantity or quality sales calls is a question that our sales training partners in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto are constantly asking themselves.  Which is better?  Many experienced Sales Managers will tell you that quantity has always been a leading factor in achieving a high sales volume.  Many Professional Salespeople feel that better rates of success occur when you concentrate on a smaller number of clients.  Let’s figure out the real answer.

When I started in sales, my Sales Managers wanted to know how many face-to-face appointments I had with buyers each week.  The expected quota was 30 – 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon 5 days per week.  If I was at 25, no one ever questioned me.

This was back when the sales process consisted of a 20-minute client meeting that was 100% focused on beating your chest about your product and company followed by an attempt to close, counter objections and then close again to secure the business.  Move on to the next appointment.  Such fun!

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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 


  1. Not that I was the greatest sales representative, but I usually went with quality calls rather than quantity.

    If you take time to do the research on a potential client and determine if in fact they are a reasonable prospect, it can pay great dividends. You come across as more professional, not rushed and clients are usually impressed when you know something about their company.

    Listening is key and building a relationship is paramount. It takes a few calls but when you land a new account and have properly explained what your company can and can’t do, you come across as honest and credible. You also set yourself apart from all of the other sales people who are always calling with “this week’s special” and looking for a quick sale.

    Now most sales managers tend to want quantity, which does have it’s time and place for certain projects. However to me the long term quality calls and accounts are by far what you as a sales rep and the company or any business really needs to be successful.

  2. Alex, I agree with you on all counts. I’m sure your philosophy led to a great deal of sales success. Doing client research is much easier now than ever before with Google, LinkedIn and many other sources of assessing the digital footprint of the company you’re prospecting and buyer you’re meeting. Thanks for your comment, Alex.


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