PROSALESGUY – 15 Ways To Fight Price Objections


Tired of trying to fight price objections?  All our sales training clients feel that price is one of the biggest objections they face.  There always seems to be someone who is willing to sell their product for less.  Stop hiding from these objections.  Your ability to tackle them head-on is often the difference between making a sale or walking away frustrated by a low-ball competitor.

All Professional Salespeople know that the science of fighting price objections rests with selling value.  Price is what you pay for something.  Value is what you get for it.  Too many Salespeople go into a big explanation on value, beating their chest about the great quality they have.  They bring out research and presentation materials and then the buyer glazes over.

I’m not suggesting that this is a bad idea.  I did the same as a Salesperson.  After years of doing it, I simply wanted to cut to the chase and shorten my rebuttal so I didn’t sound like every other Salesperson.


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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 


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