102.7 The Peak’s James Sutton and Casey Jo Loos have been fired

102.7 The Peak FM hosts Casey Jo Loos and James Sutton were let go from the radio station on Tuesday according to posts made to Facebook and Instagram. James Sutton was also the Music Director of the station. Sutton has been with the station since its launch and had previously worked at the Zone in Victoria if I recall correctly.

Another host missing from the hosts list is weekender Emily Czerwinski although both show pages are still on the website.

If you go here you will see both the afternoon show missing as well as Emily on weekend mornings, but going here and here you see the shows main pages still. Is that an oversight? Or maybe something else?

Is this going to be the start of a new direction at The Peak? Ratings might suggest a format tweak is coming but not necessarily a format change. A couple of years ago the station brought in Tyler and Lynch from X92.9 Calgary so I think it is safe to say that the station won’t do a full format change but a simple tweak will probably happen after this news.

If anyone has more information let us know.

I was also informed that Kelly Chuck from JR was let go. She worked the weekend morning show. So it sounds like 3 from The Peak and 1 from JR country.

Published on June 4, 2019 at 9:36 pm by Brian Cook


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