PROSALESGUY – The 3 Questions You Must Answer To Make A Sale



Customer-focused selling is always a topic of our Sales Training Workshops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.   Decision makers concentrate on getting their needs met and don’t have the time or desire to hear you drone on about your company or new product line.  Getting in the mind of your buyer and thinking like them is the first step toward making a sale.

Make A Sale By Asking These Three Questions

#1 – Why would I buy your product?  Customer focused selling means this question needs to be answered from the perspective of your buyer.  Your generic list of features, benefits and talking points that focus on your product aren’t always applicable in the world of your client.  Continuing to try and impress them on the decision maker is a real turn-off.   What does it feel like when you’re dealing with a Salesperson who constantly yaps about what they think is a great feature of a product that makes no difference to you whatsoever?  Geez, stick in a sock in it.  Sales is about the customer, not the the Salesperson.  Your ability to answer this question in the actual words from the buyer is one of the best indicators of their likelihood of saying YES.


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