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This is a question I always ask in our Sales Training Workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.  Do you find that your motivation to pick up the phone or stop by to see a client is largely motivated by the prospect of making a new sale?  Don’t get me wrong.  This is a trait of some of the top-performing Salespeople in any industry.  However, have you considered the message you’re sending your clients?


I’ve Been Guilty Of Dialing For Dollars

I have suffered from this problem since the start of my selling career.  The #1 motivator for me to be proactive with a buyer is the prospect of making another sale.  To me, nothing is more intoxicating than getting a buyer to purchase or renew a sale with me.  There are 2 things that drive that feeling.

The prospect of making money. There – I said it and I won’t apologize for it.  Top-performing Salespeople like to make money and lots of it.  They want the lifestyle that goes with it.  They want to provide for their families, save for their kid’s education, go on great vacations, drive nice cars and have the financial security to one day tell their Sales Manager how it’s going to be.  By the way, smart Sales Managers understand that because they probably like and want the same stuff – including the boss part.

The vote of confidence. The feeling of being successful at convincing a client to purchase because they believe in you and your product is a huge ego-rush.  They picked you over your competitors.  It can be easily argued that this is just as important as the money.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued.

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