PROSALESGUY – 2 Ways To Prospect for B2B Sales


Our B2B sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto are always looking for new techniques for B2B sales prospecting.  Most Salespeople agree that prospecting tends to be the most difficult part of the sales process – even more than qualifying and closing.

Any new suggestions or tips to improve success rates are always appreciated.  In my experience as a Professional Salesperson, there are 2 types of prospecting that work well together.  Here’s how you can make them part of your overall new business development strategy.


The Pure Definition Of B2B Sales Prospecting

Proactively pursuing a complete and total stranger to get a face to face appointment for a Customer Needs Analysis meeting.  That’s my definition of prospecting.  While it’s possible and at times, more likely to have a CNA with a distant B2B buyer by phone or web-conferencing, there is no better way to start a relationship than meeting in person.

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